J. Rusling

Short Name: J. Rusling
Full Name: Rusling, J. (Joseph), 1788-1839
Birth Year: 1788
Death Year: 1839

Rusling, J., p. 931, i. 255, b. 1788, d. 1839. From this American writer there is a mutilated fragment in Stryker's College Hymnal, 1904: "The morn, O Christian, breaketh o'er thee" (Death and Heaven anticipated). In H. W. Beecher's Plymouth Collection, 1855, this hymn begins “Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er thee." It is usually dated 1832.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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A rod from Jesse's stem shall growJ. Rusling (Author)1
As seeks the hart the water brookJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Attend, O Lord, unto my prayerJ. Rusling (Author)1
Be merciful, O God, and blessJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Bless'd is the man that fears the LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
By thy great name save me, O GodJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er theeJoseph Rusling (Author)40
Come, let us sing unto the Lord, In heavenly songs of sweet accordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Come, young people, love your SaviorJoseph Rusling (Author)2
Comfort my people, saith the LordJ. Rusling (Author)1
Eternal praises, LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
For God I waited patientlyJoseph Rusling (Author)1
For who hath our report believed?J. Rusling (Author)1
For Zion's sake I will not rest, Nor will I even hold my peaceJ. Rusling (Author)1
Fret not thyself, nor envious be At those who work iniquityJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Give ear unto my prayer, O LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Give thanks unto the Lord most highJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Give to the Lord, his praise proclaimJoseph Rusling (Author)1
God as our Father we proclaimJ. Rusling (Author)1
God is our strength and refuge stillJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Great eternal DeityJ. Rusling (Author)1
Great is the Lord, in his abodeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Guardian of souls, throughout my daysJoseph Rusling (Author)3
Hail, Jacob's God, and sovereign LordJ. Rusling (Author)1
Happy the man who doth revereJ. Rusling (Author)1
Happy the man who shuns with careJoseph Rusling (Author)1
He who hath made his dwelling nighJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Hear me, O God of righteousnessJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Hear thou the right, O gracious LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Help, Lord, for lo! the godly ceaseJoseph Rusling (Author)1
How bless'd the poor in spirit areJ. Rusling (Author)1
How greatly bless'd is heJoseph Rusling (Author)1
How happy are the showers of graceJ. Rusling (Author)1
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord, How long thy presence hide from meJoseph Rusling (Author)1
I heard with awe thy speech, O LordJ. Rusling (Author)1
I love the Lord because he heard My voice and humble pleaJoseph Rusling (Author)1
I was glad when the sound I did hearJoseph Rusling (Author)1
I will extol thee, Lord, And bless thy holy nameJ. Rusling (Author)1
I will extol thee, O my LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
"I will take heed," (my soul did say)Joseph Rusling (Author)1
If God had not been on our side, Well may the tribes of Israel sayJ. Rusling (Author)1
I'll praise the Lord with heart and voiceJoseph Rusling (Author)1
In deep and sore distressJoseph Rusling (Author)1
In mercy, O my God, appearJoseph Rusling (Author)1
In that auspicious, glorious dayJ. Rusling (Author)1
In wrath, O Lord, rebuke me notJoseph Rusling (Author)1
It was in ancient BethanyJ. Rusling (Author)1
Jesus, assembled in thy nameJoseph Rusling (Author)5
Jesus, let a little childJoseph Rusling (Author)5
Judge me in thought and wordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Let infants early bringJoseph Rusling (Author)3
Lingering I stay these shores alongJ. Rusling (Author)1
Lord, how are they increased abroadJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Lord, I am young, thy help I needJoseph Rusling (Author)3
Lord, I will bless thy nameJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Lord, I will put my trust in theeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Lord, thou hast search'd me, and hast known (Rusling)J. Rusling (Author)1
Lord, unto thee I cryJ. Rusling (Author)1
Lord, we are young, thy help we needJoseph Rusling (Author)5
Lord, while for all mankind we prayJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Lord, with my voice I cried to theeJ. Rusling (Author)1
Love is a bright and burning fireJ. Rusling (Author)2
Make to the Lord a joyful noiseJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Make unto God a joyful noiseJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Most holy Lord, bow down thine earJoseph Rusling (Author)1
My soul shall bless the LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
My soul shall wait, my God, on theeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Near to Bethesda's Pool there layJ. Rusling (Author)1
No glory to ourselves we takeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Now Christ is risen from the dead (Rusling)Joseph Rusling (Author)2
Now is Christ risen from the deadJoseph Rusling (Author)2
O clap your hands, let all rejoiceJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O come, give thanks unto the Lord, And call upon his gracious nameJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O God, in mercy deign to hearJ. Rusling (Author)1
O God, my soul shall trust in theeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O God of my salvation, thouJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O Lord, how excellent thy NameJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O, Lord, I lift my cry to theeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O Lord, I put my trust in thee, From persecutors set me freeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O Lord, I put my trust in thee, O let me not ashamed beJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O Lord, regard my humble prayerJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O Lord, unto my words give earJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O, sing unto the Lord, The high and Holy OneJoseph Rusling (Author)1
O the immensity of blissJ. Rusling (Author)1
O, thou ethereal heavenly flameJ. Rusling (Author)1
Once I enjoyed a Fathers careJ. Rusling (Author)1
Once on a time Christ's little bandJ. Rusling (Author)1
Our Lord, as history doth declareJ. Rusling (Author)1
Plead thou my cause, and judge me, LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Plead thou my cause, O Lord, With them that strive with meJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Praise him, ye servants of the LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, his goodness blessJ. Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, let heaven sing praiseJ. Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall singJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, my soul, sing praise, A new and joyful anthem raiseJ. Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, my soul sing praise, Long as I live, my voice I'll raiseJ. Rusling (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, 't is good to sing, 'T is comely to adore his graceJ. Rusling (Author)1
Rebuke me not in anger, Lord, Nor in displeasure use thy rodJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Religion is the purest streamJoseph Rusling (Author)2
Savior, do Thou appearJoseph Rusling (Author)5
Seated in darkness and in deathJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Shepherd of Israel, now give earJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Sing a new song unto the Lord, Join, all the earth, in sweet accordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Surely the men of low degreeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The earth it is the Lord'sJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The foolish in their hearts have saidJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The heavenly kingdom which I singJ. Rusling (Author)1
The heavens, O Lord, thy glories teachJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The King to thee shall lift his voiceJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The kingdom also is comparedJ. Rusling (Author)1
The Lord a marriage feast did graceJ. Rusling (Author)1
The Lord come let us praiseJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The Lord did his disciples callJ. Rusling (Author)1
The Lord he is my lightJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The Lord himself to my Lord saidJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The Lord I'll bless, my strength, my towerJ. Rusling (Author)1
The Lord my shepherd feeds me, What more can I desire?Joseph Rusling (Author)1
The Lord will hear thee in that dayJoseph Rusling (Author)1
The Spirit of the Lord doth restJ. Rusling (Author)1
The wicked say, How doth God knowJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Then shall the kingdom likened beJ. Rusling (Author)1
Then they provoked the Lord againJoseph Rusling (Author)1
They that do in the Lord confideJ. Rusling (Author)1
They that in ships go down to seaJoseph Rusling (Author)1
This is our God most HighJ. Rusling (Author)1
This morning, Lord, attendJoseph Rusling (Author)7
Thou barren, sing, who didst not bearJ. Rusling (Author)1
Thou, Lord, our dwelling place hast beenJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Thou, Lord, unto our landJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Thy holy tabernacles, LordJoseph Rusling (Author)1
To ancient Sychar, see the LordJ. Rusling (Author)1
To Israel truly God is goodJoseph Rusling (Author)1
To thee, O Lord, I lift my soul, And also trust in theeJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Unto the hills I lift mine eyes, Whence cometh all my rich suppliesJoseph Rusling (Author)1
What though that gift to me belongsJ. Rusling (Author)1
When Jesus once had crossed the seaJ. Rusling (Author)1
When our captivity did changeJ. Rusling (Author)1
Where the assembled elders areJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Who, Lord, shall in thy courts abideJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Why do the heathen rage, And meditate vain things?Joseph Rusling (Author)1
With my whole heart thy praise I singJ. Rusling (Author)1
With our forefathers we did sinJoseph Rusling (Author)1
Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice, For you how comely is the praise!Joseph Rusling (Author)1
Ye thirsty souls, draw nearJ. Rusling (Author)1
Zion arise! thy light is comeJ. Rusling (Author)1
Zion, lift up thy trumpet soundJ. Rusling (Author)1
Zion put on they strength, awakeJ. Rusling (Author)1

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