Godwin Sadoh

Godwin Sadoh
Short Name: Godwin Sadoh
Full Name: Sadoh, Godwin

Godwin Sadoh 1965-
Nigerian Composer and Ethnomusicologist, Godwin Sadoh, Nigerian composer-ethnomusicologist, organist, pianist and choir director Dr. Godwin Sadoh was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds the Bachelor of Arts degree in piano performance composition from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria, the Master of Arts degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Master of Music degree in organ performance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Godwin Sadoh received his Doctorate of Musical Arts in organ performance and composition from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, where he studied composition with Dinos Constantinides and church music with Quentin Faulkner.

Dr. Sadoh authored numerous scholarly articles on modern African art music, organ building, church music, as well as organist-composers in Nigeria appearing in publications such as The Organ, The Hymn, ComposerUSA, Living Music, Twentieth Century Music and Organ Encyclopedia. He has performed throughout Nigeria and the United States as a recitalist, accompanist, and choral director as well as founding the critically acclaimed Ile-Ife Choral Society and the Golden Bells Choral Group in Nigeria.


Texts by Godwin Sadoh (50)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Agbara nbẹ agbara nbẹ (There is power, there is power)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Aleluya Jesu ye (Alleluia, Jesus lives)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Alfa, Omega, Iwọ ni mo fiyin o baba (From first to the last we give praises unto the Lord, our God)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluja, Jesu feran mi (Alleluia, alleluia, Alleluia, Jesus loves me)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Awa yin Ọ Ọlọrun wa (We are praising God our Lord)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Ayọ ni mo fẹ O baba (Joy, joy I desire, O Father) Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Baba wa fara rẹ han (Father, manifest your pow'r)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Blessings and honor to God in the highestGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Chineke ndima, Chineke ndima (My God, you are good)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Igbo2
Chineke ndima ndi (My God, you're wonderful)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Igbo2
Clap your hands; let us make a joyful noise!Godwin Sadoh (Author)2
Glory be to God, glory be to God (Sadoh)Godwin Sadoh (Author)2
Glory be to the Lord on the heavenly throne aboveGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
God of our hope, sharing your loveGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
God of the universe: He is the mighty oneGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
He came down that we may have loveGodwin Sadoh (Author)English1
He's a miracle-working GodGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
I cry to you, O God of graceGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
I have seen, seen the downfall of SatanGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Ibukun ti mo ri gba ma mu dele (Blessings come rest upon me ever from now)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Ire ire ire ire ire (Blessings blessings blessings blessings blessings)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Isẹ Oluwa Ko le bajẹ O (The work of the Lord cannot be destroyed)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Jesu Jesu Jesu, Ọmọ 'lọrun jinde (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus: Crucified and risen)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Hausa2
Jesus, Jesus, the Son of GodGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Kọkọrọ ayọ lọwọ mi (Key of joy and peace in my hands)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Ẹ kọrin, ẹ kọrin, ẹ kọrin s'oluwa (O sing now, O sing now, O sing unto the Lord)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Kabiye Si O hosana O (O mighty Jesus, hosanna oh)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Keresimesi Ọdun de O (Festival of Christmas has come)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Ọlọrun ayọ (God of the joyful)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Let the power of the Lord come downGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Lord, hear our pray'r as we stand in your presenceGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Lord, send you power in my lifeGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Ọmọ mimọ ose o (Holy Jesus, thank you, O!)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
May the nations praise your nameGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
O give thanks, O give thanks, O give thanks unto the Lord (Sadoh)Godwin Sadoh (Author)2
O Lord, come down and manifest your powerGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
O Lord, O Lord, God of graceGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
O se Oluwa, O Se O (Thank you, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
O ti takoko (It is time, dear Lord)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Oluwa pawa mọ (Jesus, Lord, guard us all)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Open your mouth and praise the Lord!Godwin Sadoh (Author)English4
Ose, Ose O, Ose O, Ose baba (Thank you thank you, O thank you, O thank you, Father)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Ọpẹ lo yẹ Ọ Baba olore (We give thanks to God, the merciful Lord)Godwin Sadoh (Author)English, Yoruba2
Praise my Jesus, praise the LordGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise his nameGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Praising the Lord, alwaysGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Praising the Lord, praise himGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
Take glory, Father; take glory, SonGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
We are saying thank you, JesusGodwin Sadoh (Author)2
We give glory to the Lord: He reigns!Godwin Sadoh (Author)2
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