Susan Sayers

Short Name: Susan Sayers
Full Name: Sayers, Susan
Birth Year: 1946 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Susan Sayers (32)sort descendingAsInstances
Caterpillar, caterpillar, munching, munchingSusan Sayers (Author)2
Driving lorries, licking lolliesSusan Sayers (Author)2
Everywhere I amSusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Author)2
Farmer, farmer, why do you plow?Susan Sayers (Author)2
Fishes of the ocean and the birds of the airSusan Sayers (Author)3
Go wandering in the sunSusan Sayers (Author)3
I feel spring in the air todaySusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Author)2
I have a friend who is deeper than the oceanSusan Sayers (Author)3
If I were an astronaut out in spaceSusan Sayers (Author)2
If we only seek peaceSusan Sayers (Author)3
Jesus, Jesus, when we are with youSusan Sayers (Author)2
Just imagine having a worldSusan Sayers (Author)2
Let the mountains dance and singSusan Sayers (Author)3
Let us sing a new song to the LordSusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Paraphraser)2
Lord, when I turn my back on youSusan Sayers (Author)2
Never let Jesus into your heartSusan Sayers (Author)2
O God, in your kindness, have mercy on meSusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Author)2
Oh, that today you would listen to God's voiceSusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Author)2
People who see me are scornfulSusan Sayers (Author)2
Push, little seed, push, push, little seedSusan Sayers (Author)3
Rum, tum, tarum, tum, tumSusan Sayers (Author)2
Shout with gladness to God all the earthSusan Sayers, b. 1946 (Author)2
Thank you for the summer morning, misting into heatSusan Sayers (Author)3
The love we shareSusan Sayers (Author)2
There's a seed in a flowerSusan Sayers (Author)2
These vows of love are takenSusan Sayers (Author)2
Think big: an elephantSusan Sayers (Author)2
The morning whispers of puritySusan Sayers (Author)3
We gather hereSusan Sayers (Author)2
What if the wind is howling round my houseSusan Sayers (Author)2
When Jesus was my age he played with his friendsSusan Sayers (Author)2
You can drink it, swim in itSusan Sayers (Author)2
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