Wm. G. Schell

Short Name: Wm. G. Schell
Full Name: Schell, Wm. G. (William Gallio)
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Ach, wie schnell die Zeit hinschwindetWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Ach, wie schnell die Zeit hinschwindet SchrittWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Bald erschallet die PosauneWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Buried with Him in immersionWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
Das End' aller Dinge ist nun nicht mehr fernWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Es gibt ein Land voll reiner LustWilliam G. Schell (Author)3
Have we any hope within us of a life beyond the grave?William G. Schell (Author)9
Humility, thou secret valeWilliam G. Schell (Author)5
I have a home beyond the skiesW. G. Schell (Author)2
I'll rise at early morning hourWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
In frueher Morgenstund' erhebtWilliam G. Schell (Author)3
Ist die Hoffnung ew'gen LebensWilliam G. Schell (Author)3
Kurz ist's Leben hier auf ErdenWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Lange schon warten sie im heidnischen LandWilliam G. Schell (Author)2
Life on earth is but a vaporWilliam G. Schell (Author)5
Listen, what is that I hearW. G. S. (Author)2
Long have they waited in the dark heathen landsWilliam G. Schell (Author)6
Millionen stehen heut'William G. Schell (Author)3
Nineteen hundred million soulsW. G. S. (Author)4
O Demut, du verborgnes TalWilliam G. Schell (Author)3
Oh, put on thy beautiful garmentsWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
On the borders of eternity the world is standing nowWilliam G. Schell (Author)5
Standing in the river JordanW. G. Schell (Author)2
The church of the morning brightWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
The ninety-nine within the foldWilliam G. Schell (Author)8
There lived a man in Isr'l's landWm. G. Schell (Author (stanzas 4-7))1
There's a city of gold, in that land far awayW. G. S. (Author)4
There's an awful day approachingW. G. Schell (Author)2
Time moves on with solemn footstepsWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
We're nearing the closing of time's mortal yearWilliam G. Schell (Author)4
Why should we weep when we beholdW. G. Schell (Author)2

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