Jack P. Scholfield

Short Name: Jack P. Scholfield
Full Name: Scholfield, Jack P., 1882-1972
Birth Year: 1882
Death Year: 1972
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All my burdens rolled away When I felt His powerJack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
All power in heaven and earth is given unto meJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Amigo hallé que no tiene igualJack P. Scholfield (1882-1972) (Author)Spanish5
As sure as the days are passingJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Behold, what manner of love that Father hath (Scholfield)Jack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
Christ our Savior, we would sing praisesJ. P. S. (Author)English4
God shall wipe all tears away, Over yonderJ. P. S. (Author)English2
God so loved our fallen raceJ. P. S. (Author)2
God will fill our hearts for serviceJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English12
Have you lost the joy you had when you found your LordJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English5
He's my Savior true and will bear me throughJack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
I am held by God's right handJ. P. S. (Author)English7
I call unto Thee, O Lord, out of the deepJack P. Scholfield (Author)3
I had traveled down life's pathwayJack P. Scholfield (Author)1
I have a Savior who guides me on my wayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English4
I have a Savior who walks with meJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
I have started on the homeward wayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)3
I heard a sweet story, I know it's trueJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English14
I wandered on in my own wayJ. P. S. (Author)English3
I want my life to glorify my Lord and KingJ. P. S. (Author)English15
I will cry unto thee, O, LordJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
If God has planted His love in youJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English4
If you would find refuge from all your sinJ. P. S. (Author)English5
I'm dwelling on a higher planeJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
In the highway of the King I'm walkingJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English5
I've an anchor safe and sureJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
I've found a Friend who is all to meJ. P. S. (Author)English180
Jesus is able to save from sinJ. P. S. (Author)English24
Jesus is coming againJ. P. Scholfield (Author)3
Jesus leads me beside waters stillJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Music has charms for the wearyJack P. Scholfield (Author)3
My feet are on the narrow wayJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
My heart has grown weary of sin and shameJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
My heart knows no anxious dayJ. P. S. (Author)English5
My Shepherd dear loveth his sheepJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
No care up yonder There the skies are fairJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
O, the sweetness of His loveJ. P. S. (Author)English2
Open the door for JesusJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Over life's ocean we're sailingJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
Promesas oí de mi buen SeñorJ. P. S. (Author)Spanish2
Revive thy work, O Lord (Scholefield)J. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Saved by His power divine (Chorus)J. P. S. (Author)English2
Sé Tú mi Luz, Oh mi buen SeñorJack P. Scholfield (Author)Spanish2
Since I have let the loving Savior inJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
Since the love of Jesus touched you, giving peace and joy untoldJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
Since the loving Savior found meJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Smile your frown awayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)3
Some are serving Him todayJ. P. S. (Author)English2
Some tender voice called to meJ. P. S. (Author)2
The call comes for true, loyal soldiersJack P. Scholfield (Author)English3
The clarion of battle is sounding afarJ. F. S. (Author)English1
The cross of Calvary Is towering highJ. P. S. (Author)English4
The name of the Lord shall be exaltedJ. P. S. (Author)English7
The Savior speaks and I go freeJ. P. Scholfield (Author)5
The things of this world pass awayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
There is a fountain open for meJ. B. S. (Author)4
There is a name that is dear to meJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English7
There is grace for our salvationJack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
There's a gospel according to youJ. P. S. (Author)English5
There's a hill lone and gray far awayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English3
There's a name that's known throughout the earthJ. P. S. (Author)English2
There's only one Savior who savesJ. P. Scolfield (Author)English4
They led my Lord up CalvaryJack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
They say Jesus died for me, is it trueJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Think on the way, O thou storm driven childJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English11
Though all others may forsake, There's One whose faithfulness is sureJ. P. S. (Author)English5
Though he may call me to go the valley throughJack P. Scholfield (Author)English3
Though the shadows may gather roundJ. P. Scholfield (Author)3
Tired of wasting precious daysJ. P. S. (Author)English6
Um bom amigo e fiel acheiJack P. Scholfield (Author (st. 1-3))Portuguese2
When a child, I used to hear my motherJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English10
When I stop and ponder on His matchless loveJack P. Scholfield (Author)English2
When I think of CalvaryJ. P. S. (Author)2
When I was lost and down in the depths of my sinJ. P. Scholfield (Author)3
When I was tossed on the ocean wavesJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
When my debt to God was resting on my soulJohn Prentice (Jack) Scholfield (Author)English10
While we are gathered to worship and prayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
Whosoever, blessed wordJack P. Scholfield (Author)2
Why need I fear, with Christ so nearJack P. Scholfield (Author)3
Will you be ready when Jesus comes, Some of these daysJ. P. Schofield (Author)3
You have a great Savior in gloryJ. P. Scholfield (Author)English7
You may walk with the Lord each passing dayJ. P. Scholfield (Author)2
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