Clarence M. Seamans

Short Name: Clarence M. Seamans
Full Name: Seamans, Clarence M., 1869-1939
Birth Year: 1869
Death Year: 1939

Seamans, Clarence Milton. (Johnston, Rhode Island, February 8, 1869--July 21, 1939, Whitman, Massachusetts). Direct descendant of Roger Williams, the founder of the Rhode Island Colony. Seamans married Annie May Bennett on October 8, 1890; they had four children.

Ordained to the ministry of the Advent Christian Church, he served their churches in Pascoag and River Point, R.I.; Dover, New Hampshire; Chelsea, Springfield, and Boston, Mass.; and Rutland, Vermont. His last 19 years were spent as pastor in Whitman, Mass. For many years, he was secretary of the Massachusetts Advent Christian Conference and of the Marion (Mass.) Campmeeting Association. He was also active in the Alton Bay (N.H.) Campmeeting Association. He contributed many articles to his denomination's periodical, The World's Crisis. He was an ardent pastor, preaching the Christian life and the imminent Second Coming, subjects reflected in his hymns.

In addition to writing and composing a number of hymns and tunes, he was a joint editor of the Golden Sheaf (1902) and Carols of Hope (1906).

--Russell J. Cross and Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Texts by Clarence M. Seamans (62)sort descendingAsInstances
A refuge sweet, a calm retreatClarence M. Seamans (Author)2
A world in awful darkness layC. M. S. (Author)3
After the toil comes restClarence M. Seamans (Author)3
All they who put their trust in GodC. M. S. (Author)15
As the sailor on the oceanC. M. S. (Author)2
Behold, he cometh with cloudsC. M. S. (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, smile upon usC. M. S. (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, gift divineC. M. S. (Author)2
Dear Savior, now as weC. M. S. (Author)2
Glory to God, the holy angels cry, with peals of joyC. M. S. (Author)2
Go ye into all the world Was Jesus' last commandC. M. S. (Author)2
God is our refuge and our strength (Seamans)Clarence M. Seamans (Author)3
Hold fast that thou hast cling to truthC. M. S. (Author)5
I love the blessed SaviourC. M. S. (Author)2
I love to hear you tellC. M. S. (Author)2
In a garden mid the fragrantC. M. S. (Author)2
In the realms of lightC. M. S. (Author)2
In the straight and narrow, help me walkC. M. S. (Author)2
In this world of sadnessC. M. S. (Author)2
I've wandered far away from TheeC. M. S. (Author)2
Jesus is my tender ShepherdC. M. S. (Author)2
Little builders now are weC. M. S. (Author)2
My life was darkened once by sinC. M. S. (Author)5
O Christ of Galilee, thou Master of the seaClarence M. Seamans (Author)2
O'er a lost and sinful cityC. M. S. (Author)2
O happy, happy Children's DayC. M. S. (Author)2
Once more we greet each otherC. M. S. (Author)2
Only a step to Jesus (Seamans)C. M. S. (Author)2
Praises ring, shoutC. M. S. (Author)2
See the little flowersC. M. S. (Author)2
Soon shall our SaviorC. M. S. (Author)2
The Master needs workers that are tried and trueClarence M. Seamans (Author)3
There are dreary hours when my heart is sadC. M. S. (Author)2
There are mansions full of gloryC. M. S. (Author)2
There is a quiet, secluded spotClarence M. Seamans (Author)2
There's a call for volunteersC. M. S. (Author)2
There's a light that never failsC. M. S. (Author)2
Though the storm around me is ragingClarence M. Seamans (Author)4
'Tis the crafty little foxesC. M. S. (Author)2
To the busy SaviorC. M. S. (Author)2
'Twas a calm and peaceful nightC. M. S. (Author)3
Under the banner of Christ our kingClarence M. Seamans (Author)2
Underneath the bannerC. M. S. (Author)2
We are pilgrims hereC. M. S. (Author)2
We are soldiers of the great and heavenly KingC. M. S. (Author)2
We are very little sowersC. M. S. (Author)2
We joyfully comeC. M. S. (Author)1
Weeping may endure for a nightC. M. S. (Author)3
We're looking for JesusC. M. S. (Author)2
What a joyful word is thisC. M. S. (Author)2
What wilt thou have me doC. M. S. (Author)2
When lost and long by sin oppressedC. M. S. (Author)2
When night settles down on my pathwayC. M. S. (Author)2
When tempest tossed and care oppressedC. M. S. (Author)3
When the day of daysC. M. S. (Author)2
When the Lord shall appearClarence M. Seamans (Author)2
When the trees are youngC. M. S. (Author)2
Where'er I am by dayC. M. S. (Author)2
While traveling throughC. M. S. (Author)2
Who will work for JesusC. M. S. (Author)2
With our lips God gaveC. M. S. (Author)2
Would you have the blessingC. M. S. (Author)3
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