Elizabeth McEwen Shields

Short Name: Elizabeth McEwen Shields
Full Name: Shields, Elizabeth McEwen, 1879-1962
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1962

Shields, Elizabeth McEwen. (Camden, South Carolina, September 22, 1879--May 5, 1962, Asheville, North Carolina). She was named for her grandmother, Elizabeth McEwen of South Carolina. Director, Children's Work of the Presbyterian Board of Christian Education; Chair, children's section of what is now known as the National Council of Churches. Published many books for children, including Junior Hymns and Songs and Worship and Conduct Songs.

--Tina Schneider, from information in the DNAH Archives, which includes correspondence from Elizabeth McEwen Shield's sister.

Texts by Elizabeth McEwen Shields (36)sort descendingAsInstances
A call rings out for serviceElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Chiming church bells ring, ring, ring a messageElizabeth McE. Shields (Author)2
Each little creature our FatherElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Father as the morning sunElizabeth M. Shields (Author)8
Father in heaven, our offeringElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Father we will quiet beElizabeth McE. Shields (Author)2
Forgive me, God, for things I doElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Friends, friends, friends, I have some friendsElizabeth M. Shields (Author)4
Friends of all we'd like to beElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Glad I am to liveElizabeth M. Shields (Author)7
Hail to the great Creator, Eternal mighty oneElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Have you heard that angels sangElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Hear the church bells sweetly ringingElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Help us, Father, to rememberElizabeth M. Shields (Author)4
I have a friend who loves me (Shields)Elizabeth M. Shields (Author)5
I like to think of Jesus, so lovingElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
I wake in the morningElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
In days of old in PalestineElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
Lord, help me to learn to shareElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
On a bed of sweet, new hayElizabeth M. Shields (Author)4
Our Father has watched o'er our birthdayElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Our Father made the oceanElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Our heavenly Father gives usElizabeth McE. Shields (Author)2
Sleep, little seedElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Sometimes when morning lights the skyElizabeth M. Shields (Author)9
Teach us, Lord, thy wisdom, for thou art woundrous wiseElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
The Bible is a treasure book of stories that are true, It tells of people long agoElizabeth M. Shields (Author)5
The church of God is callingElizabeth M. Shields (Author)4
The little flowers peep through the groundE. McE. S. (Author)6
The night wind in the treesElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
The world is a beautiful, wonderful homeElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
This is the way the snowflakes fallElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
Useful to my home folkElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
We thank thee, Father, for our homesElizabeth M. Shields (Author)3
When Jesus was a baby boyElizabeth M. Shields (Author)9
While the Christmas stars are shiningElizabeth M. Shields (Author)2
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