L. Shorey

Short Name: L. Shorey
Full Name: Shorey, L.
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year (est.): 1951

L. Shorey (Mary Ann Elizabeth Lancaster, née Shorey), was born in London, Jan. 27, 1851, and now (1906) resides in Forest Drive, Leyonstone, Essex. She is the author of many hymns and poems which have appeared as leaflets, in her The Broken Angel, and other Poems, 1892, and elsewhere. Three of them, first printed in the Baptist newspaper and included in the 1902 edition of Hymns of Consecration and Faith, are:—
1. I have a Friend so precious. [The Love of Christ.] "Written one Sunday morning in the summer of 1890. While busy with household affairs some thoughts suggested by the sermon heard the previous evening (on St. Matt. xi. 29) at Leytonstone, began to shape themselves in rhyme." The complete hymn was first printed in the Baptist for Dec. 26, 1890, and then in the Broken Angel, 1892, p. 53. It has had a circulation of over 127,000 in leaflet form, and has been published in sheet form by Messrs. Weekes & Co. as My Lord and I, set to a melody said to have been sung in France by the persecuted Huguenots three hundred years ago.
2. Think of Jesus in the morning. [The Thought of Jesus.] Written Nov. 1900 and printed in the Baptist in Dec. 1900.
3. Walking with Jesus day by day. {Consecration.] Published in the Baptist in Sept. 1894.
See a fuller notice in the Baptist, July 18, 1902, p. 37. Mrs. Lancaster, we may add, is a member of the Church of England. Her nom de plume is "L. Shorey," hence the name "Mrs. L. Shorey " in some collections. [Rev. James Mearnes, M.S.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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