John L. Shrader

Short Name: John L. Shrader
Full Name: Shrader, John L.
Birth Year: 1893
Death Year: 1972

John Lafayette Schrader

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As a band of Christians today let's walk the old time wayJ. L. S. (Author)English2
As a pilgrim and a stranger I must travel belowJ. L. S. (Author)English2
As a pilgrim and a stranger traveling through this weary landJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
As a pilgrim on a journeyJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
As I journey along, often singing a songJohn L . Shrader (Author)2
At the roll call yonderJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Back in the days of old there was a man, we're toldJ. L. S. (Author)English4
Christ, the Lord is coming back to earth some dayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Down here we have troubleJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Every day I'm drawing nearerJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
For everything you have todayJ. L. S. (Author)English2
God gave to his creationJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
God has taken a flowerJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
God so loved this sinful world that He gave His only SonJ. L. S. (Author)English2
God's people moved out as Moses assigned themJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
Going on, just singing a songJ. L. S. (Author)English2
I am happy as on I goJ. L. S. (Author)English2
I am just a weary pilgrim hereJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I am on my way home, where no sorrow can comeJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I am on my way to yonder's cityJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
I am singing a song as I travel onJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I am singing day by day as IJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I am singing on the way to the land of endless dayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I am waiting for that morning when my Savior shall comeJ. L. S. (Author)2
I dreamed I went back to that little old shackJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
I have a friend who walks with me (Shrader)John L. Shrader (Author)English2
I have a home beyond the great divideJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I have read of a land on yonder's bright strandJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I know there is a home for meJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I once traveled the downward pathwayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I will meet you in the morning on the heavenly sideJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
I won't have to walk alone thru the valley belowJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
If you cross over Jordan before I doJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I'll not turn back any more, my LordJ. L. S. (Author)English2
I'm a-gonna walk on de [the] streets of gloryJohn L. Shrader (Author)English9
I'm going home to join the singingJ. L. S. (Author)2
I'm going over JordanJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
I'm just a pilgrim and a stranger hereJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
I'm looking ahead, with nothing to dreadJ. L. S. (Author)2
I'm looking for my Lord to comeJ. L. S. (Author)2
I'm looking for that city just beyondJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I'm looking for that country bright and fairJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I'm on my way to glory land, That home beyond the shining strandJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
I'm on my way to that happy landJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I'm only a pilgrim and a stranger traveling through this weary land belowJ. L. S. (Author)English2
I'm walking in the bright way, I'm fully trusting each dayJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
I'm walking with my LordJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I've got a feeling, a new born feeling down in my soul todayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I've got that love down in my soulJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
I've got the old fashioned loveJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Just beyond the river, in the sweet forever, is a happy land of bright sunshineJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
Let us be up and working daily for the dear Savior as we goJ. L. S. (Author)3
Like the children of Isr'lJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Look unto Jesus heaven's great KingJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
O brother, you better get ready for the LordJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
O my brother, are you ready for the great and final dayJ. L. S. (Author)2
O wonderful love of JesusJ. L. S. (Author)English2
O ye pilgrims press on and sing a happy songJ. L. S. (Author)2
Oft in sorrow I wonder and travel hereJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
Oft we read about a city of pure goldJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Often here when I grow weary I'm sad and blueJ. L. S. (Author)3
Old Moses led the children forward, as the mighty Lord commandedJ. L. S. (Author)3
On the resurrection morning, when the trump of God shall soundJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Once I wandered alone in the valley so drearJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Our loved one has gone from this region of woeJ. L. S. (Author)English2
Reapers awake, hear the LordJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Shall I meet you up thereJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Sing on dear brother each passing dayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
So oft the way seems rough and drearyJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
Some beautiful day I'll goJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Something is keeping me so happy as I march onward day by dayJ. L. S. (Author)2
Soon I shall leave this troublesome wayJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Soon I'll leave this region belowJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
Soon I'll leave this region of sinJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Sweetest joybells are ringingJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
The church of God will stand in every landJ. L. S. (Author)2
The loving Father promised to hear me when I prayJ. L. S. (Author)English2
There is joy divine in this soul of mineJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
There will dawn a golden morning for the faithful by and byJ. L. S. (Author)3
There's a beautiful home in gloryJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
There's a beautiful land just over the riverJ. L. S. (Author)English2
There's a city just over the riverJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
There's a crown awaiting for the faithful fewJ. L. S. (Author)2
There's a day of rest awaiting for each pilgrim here belowJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
There's a happy feeling down in my soulJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
There's a land beyond the river, Where my loved ones for me waitJ. L. S. (Author)English3
There's a land beyond the river, Where all is peace and loveJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
There's a land of pure delight over on that shoreJ. L. S. (Author)English2
There's a mighty river we all must crossJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
There's coming a time when each nation shall gatherJ. L. S. (Author)2
There's only one way for us to have peaceJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
This mortal body must go back to the dustJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
This world is not the place for meJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Waiting for the call, from the Lord of allJ. L. S. (Author)2
Wake up, reapers, the harvestJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
We are living in a time of gloomJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
We read about a time when the people of God were carried awayJ. L. S. (Author)English2
We shall see him in the morning when we cross over the riverJ. L. S. (Author)English3
We shall see the Savior coming, in a shining cloud from gloryJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Weary pilgrim, bound for glory, press along with courage trueJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
We'll have a new body, we'll have a new lifeJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
Well, I've been a-talkingJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
What a day of great rejoicing over in that land of songJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
What a joy it brings to meJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
What a jubilee 'twill be up yonder when we gather on that shoreJ. L. S. (Author)English2
What a meeting on fair Canaan'sJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
What a wonderful tomorrowJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When cometh setting of sunJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When I come to the valley at the set of sunJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When I hear the good old gospel singing in our churches here belowJ. L. S. (Author)2
When I reach the lonely Jordan at the ending of life's wayJohn L. Shrader (Author)English2
When I reach the silent riverJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When I shall cross the lonely dark riverJ. L. S. (Author)3
When I'm growing old and feebleJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When my name is called up yonder, in the morning of joyJ. L. S. (Author)2
'When my traveling days down here are overJohn L. Shrader (Author)3
When the children of Israel come to the riverJ. L. S. (Author)2
When the glorious bells shall ringJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When the home bells shall ringJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When the sun is setting in the west, if for Christ I've done my bestJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When the way seems long and dreary, And thy limbs are weak and wearyJohn L. Shrader (Author)English1
When we get home to glory landJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When we wake up tomorrow over on the other shoreJ. L. S. (Author)2
When your feet grow weary, and the path seems drearyJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
When your pathway is rugged and your load is hard to bearJ. L. S. (Author)English2
While traveling through this land ofJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
Won't that be a grand and glorious meetingJohn L. Shrader (Author)2
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