William Shrubsole

Short Name: William Shrubsole
Full Name: Shrubsole, William, 1760-1806
Birth Year: 1760
Death Year: 1806

William Shrubsole (bap. 1760, d. 1806), organist. United Kingdom.When young, he sang in the choir at Canterbury Cathedral, He became organist at Bangor Cathedral, when he was dismissed for attending non-comformist meetings. He then became organist of Spa Fields Chapel, London, holding that post until his death. He was a successful teacher. He was an alto singer and sung at Westminster Abbey and Drury Lane churches. He knew Edward Perronet, who wrote the words to the hymn he composed music for. Perronet left Schrubsole property in his will.

John Perry

Not to be confused with W. (William) Shrubsole 1759-1829 bank clerk and hymn writer.

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