Theodore Sisk

Short Name: Theodore Sisk
Full Name: Sisk, Theodore
Birth Year: 1906
Death Year: 1979

Theodore Roosevelt Sisk was born in Hall County, Georgia, July 15, 1906. He studied singing under his father, Jesse Lovell, and continued studying under other teachers. He wrote for or five hundred songs and was the music editor and member of The Sisk Music Company, publisher of gospel song books in Toccoa, Georgia. He died 1979 in Lexington, Ky.

Dianne Shapiro from Who's Who among southern singers and composers by Otis J. Knippers; James D. Vaughan, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., 1937

Texts by Theodore Sisk (25)sort iconAsInstances
Here we gather and love to sing with our loved ones so dearTheodore Sisk (Author)4
I am happy every day as I go along my wayTheodore Sisk (Author)3
I am happy in the service of my KingTheodore Sisk (Author)2
I will sing my storyTheodore Sisk (Author)2
I'm keeping ready for the timeTheodore Sisk (Author)2
I'm pressing onward with a wonderful songTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Jesus gives me a song as I travel alongTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Late in the evening when night shadows fallT. S. (Author)3
My heart is fixed on Thee, O GodTheodore Sisk (Author)1
My heart is sick, O how I long to seeTheodore Sisk (Author)2
My soul is so happy since I have made the SaviorTheodore Sisk (Author)2
O don't you hear that clock tickingTheodore Sisk (Author)2
O what joy to praiseTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Often we sing to the great KingT. S. (Author)3
Ring ye the bells of heavenTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Some glad day we'll soar awayTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Sometimes I grow wearyTheodore Sisk (Author)2
Soon I'll leave this world of sorrowTheodore Sisk (Author)9
That will be a happy timeTheodore Sisk (Author)2
There's glory in my soul, since Jesus took controlTheodore Sisk (Author)8
When billows are raging on life's stormyTheodore Sisk (Author)2
When I feel so lonesome and blueTheodore Sisk (Author)6
When I feel so lonesome, sad and blueTheodore Sisk (Author)8
When I'm in need my blessedTheodore Sisk (Author)2
When in the hour of trouble, and of careTheodore Sisk (Author)2

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