Annie Rebekah Smith

Short Name: Annie Rebekah Smith
Full Name: Smith, Annie Rebekah, 1828-1855
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1855

Texts by Annie Rebekah Smith (17)sort descendingAsInstances
Awake, O, awake, now to life and dutyAnnie R. Smith (Author)2
Be patient, be patient, no longer despairingAnnie R. Smith (Author)5
Blessed Jesus, meek and lowlyAnnie R. Smith (Author)7
Hail, peaceful day, divinely blestAnnie R. Smith (Author)4
He sleeps in Jesus, peaceful restAnnie R. Smith (Author)4
How far from here to heaven?Annie R. Smith (Author)2
How far from home I asked, as onAnnie R. Smith (Author)9
I ask not, Lord, for less to bear, Here in the narrow WayAnnie R. Smith (Author)7
I saw one weary, sad and tornAnnie R. Smith (Author)6
Long upon the mountains wearyAnnie R. Smith (Author)7
She hath passed death's chilling billowAnnie R. Smith (Author)5
This groaning earth is too dark and drearAnnie R. Smith (Author)4
Through this dark valley of conflictAnnie R. Smith (Author)3
Toil on a little longer here, For thy rewardAnnie R. Smith (Author)4
'Twas a doleful night on Calvary's heightAnnie R. Smith (Author)3
Weeping endures but for a nightAnnie R. Smith (Author)4
When darkness gathers round thy wayAnnie R. Smith (Author)5
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