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R. G. Staples

Short Name: R. G. Staples
Full Name: Staples, R. G. (R. Griffin)
Birth Year: 1833

Robert Griffin Staples. He was born Robert Griffin on January 24, 1833 in Washington DC. Both of his parents died in a carriage accident when he was an infant; he was then adopted by his mother's sister, Mary Ann King, and her husband, Samuel Johnson Staples and he was given the name Robert Griffin Staples. He was a captain in the Union Army during the Civil War and after the war was promoted to Major. He then worked as chief clerk in the Portsmouth United States Navy Yard. Religion was an important part of his life, as well as music. He died June 20, 1891 in Portsmouth, VA.

Dianne Shapiro, from Jean Brickey (great-granddaughter)

Texts by R. G. Staples (85)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A home in heaven, 'tis the Christian's hopeR. G. S. (Author)3
Almost persuaded, yet I delayR. G. S. (Author)3
Anywhere, everywhere, no matterR. G. Staples (Author)2
Awake, awake at early dawn, Behold the beauty of the lawnR. G. Staples (Author)2
Behold, He stands waiting, and knocks at thy heartR. G. S. (Author)English2
Bring in the sheaves! the harvest fieldR. G. Staples (Author)English6
Children, come to the cross of the Savior in prayerR. G. Staples (Author)English6
Christian, the field for faithful laborR. G. Staples (Author)English2
Christians, lo, the fields are whiteningR. G. S. (Author)English11
Closer to my precious SaviorR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Come join in our Sabbath song, As we gladly meet todayR. G. S. (Author)English3
Come and welcome, to the Savior, who in mercy bids you comeR. G. Staples (Author)English2
Come, children, let your voices fill the vaulted skiesR. G. Staples (Author)English2
Come unto me, come unto me, Thou weary one, when sin distressR. G. Staples (Author)English2
Dark was the night when the Savior of menR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Do I not need Thee, Savior divine?R. G. Staples (Author)English18
Draw me closer to Thee, gracious SaviorR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Each morn of God's most holy dayR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Ever on, ever on, like the swift, rolling tideR. G. S. (Author)English2
Every day brings troubleR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Father, behold me nowR. G. Staples (Author)2
Glad we meet this Sabbath morningR. G. Staples (Author)5
Happy here again we meetR. G. Staples (Author)1
Have mercy on us, Lord, we comeR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Have you heard of the land where the ransomed dwell?R. G. Staples (Author)English4
He died, He died on the treeR. G. S. (Author)2
Hear, O hear me, loving SaviorR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Here we shall not always lingerR. G. Staples (Author)English2
How lovely the flowers which bloomR. G. Staples (Author)English4
I know not the time of His comingR. G. S. (Author)English8
I love to sing of heaven, and of the ransomed bandR. G. S. (Author)English2
I love to think of Jesus, the lowly NazareneR. G. Staples (Author)English2
I only wish to know this truthR. G. Staples (Author)2
In silence watches of the nightR. G. Staples (Author)English2
In the east, the sun arisingR. G. Staples (Author)English3
In the land so bright and goldenR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Jesus is coming, is coming again, Shout the glad tidings, the good news proclaimR. G. Staples (Author)English6
Jesus is here, O, what will you doR. G. Staples (Author)English6
Jesus of Nazareth passeth this wayR. G. S. (Author)English2
List, the merry chiming of the Sabbath bellsR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Little child, thy father loves theeR. G. S. (Author)3
Lo the heathen at your doorsR. G. Staples (Author)2
Look away from self to the bloodstained crossR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Look 'tis a simple thing to doR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Men of God, arouse to actionR. G. S. (Author)English3
Naught can I do that will saveR. G. S. (Author)English5
New pearls of song for Jesus we bringMajor R. G. Staples (Author)2
No other refuge, Lord, have IR. G. Staples (Author)English9
Nothing Lord have I to bring this is all my pleaR. G. S. (Author)English8
O Christian man, thy Savior, makes this demand on theeR. G. Staples (Author)2
O Savior, precious Savior, hear My supplications nowR. G. Staples (Author)English2
O the bright sunny land, 'tis the city of GodR. G. S. (Author)3
Open the windows of Heaven, Send showers of blessing just nowR. G. S. (Author)English3
Our days are swiftly gliding byR. G. Staples (Author)2
Out in the world may we go, dearest LordR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Precious Savior, Lord of all! Hear my humble pleaR. G. S. (Author)English2
Ring, ring the bells, for a Savior is bornR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Room at the throne of graceR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Sad the silence at partingR. G. Staples (Author)English4
See the heathen nations, bendingR. G. Staples (Author)3
Simply trusting Christ todayR. G. Staples (Author)English5
Some sweet day our Lord will call usR. G. S. (Author)English2
Soon, dear children, we shall partR. G. Staples (Author)English2
The clouds hang heavy round my way, I cannot seeR. G. Staples (Author)English1
The dark and turbid river deathR. G. S. (Author)2
The gospel message sent is echoed backRobert G. Staples (Author)3
The waters are troubled, O sinner, draw nearR. G. S. (Author)English5
There is a hope that never diesR. G. Staples (Author)English3
There's a beautiful home, just beyond in the skiesR. G. S. (Author)2
Through the dark valley and the shadow of deathR. G. Staples (Author)English2
'Tis but the social, friendly glassR. G. Staples (Author)English5
'Tis Jesus calls, come unto meR. G. Staples (Author)English5
'Tis sweet to sing of God's great loveR. G. Staples (Author)English2
To Him who dwells and reigns on highR. G. Staples (Author)English5
To Jesus, my loving RedeemerR. G. Staples (Author)English3
To thee, in youth's bright morningR. G. Staples (Author)English16
Tripping lightly, tripping over the verdant lawnR. G. S. (Author)English9
We shall meet beyond the grievingR. G. Staples (Author)English5
When tossed on life's tempestuous tideR. G. Staples (Author)English4
Whosoever, glorious truthR. G. Staples (Author)2
Whosoever, yes, vile though I beR. G. Staples (Author)English3
Why not be saved, why not be saved?R. G. Staples (Author)English3
Why toil and labor here belowR. G. Staples (Author)2
Work for the Savior's gloryR. G. S. (Author)2
You ask us why we toil belowR. G. Staples (Author)2
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