Wilhelmina D'Arcy Stephens

Short Name: Wilhelmina D'Arcy Stephens
Full Name: Stephens, Wilhelmina D'Arcy, 1889-1989
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year (est.): 1989
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Texts by Wilhelmina D'Arcy Stephens (18)sort descendingAsInstances
All the world is full of rosesWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
Father, we thank thee for this new dayWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
Firefly, firefly, now you flashWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
For thy great book of storiesWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
God is with me every day, In my homeWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)4
Jesus, Christ Jesus, is with me todayWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)4
Jesus was a loving teacherWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)9
Jesus, we thank you for this new dayWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
Long ago the friends of JesusWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)5
Mosquitos are out on their nightlyWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
O Jesus, we are singing with eager hearts todayWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
Thank you, heavenly fatherWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
The many, many children throughoutWilhelmina D'A. Stephens (Author)6
We are happy here todayWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
We pray thee, O Father, that wars soon may endWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)3
When I sit in my own dear churchWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)4
When Jesus was a little boy (Stephens)Wilhelmina D'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
When Jesus was on earth, He loved each girl and boyWilhelmina d'Arcy Stephens (Author)2
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