Malcolm H. Stern

Short Name: Malcolm H. Stern
Full Name: Stern, Malcolm H. does not have biographical information about this person.

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Ahvawdeem hawyeenoo (In the days when Pharaoh reigned) (עֲבָדִים הָיִֽינוּ)Malcolm H. Stern (English by)2
Dahvid, Dahvid, Dahvid, Dahvid, mehleḥ Yisrahayl (David, David, David, David, founded Jerusalem)Malcolm H. Stern (English by)2
Father, see thy suppliant childrenMalcolm H. Stern (Adapter)1
Hehvaynoo shahlohm ahlayḥem (All our good friends we've been meeting)Malcolm H. Stern (Translator)2
Im ayn ahnee lee, mee lee? (If I am not for me, who will be?) (אִם אֵין אֲנִי לִי)Malcolm H. Stern (Author)2
Lord, who shall climb Thy mountain (V'tahhayr libaynoo) (וְטַהֵר לִבֵּֽנוּ)Malcolm H. Stern (Translator)2
Now Jericho had walls of stoneMalcolm H. Stern (Author)2
O Samuel, Samuel, where are you?Malcolm H. Stern (Author)2
Ootsoo aytsah v'toofahr (Often in the past, so hist'ry goes)Malcolm H. Stern (English by)2
Praise God for fruit of vineMalcolm H. Stern (Author)2
Stop! Stop! Ḥanukkah top!Malcolm H. Stern (Author)2
The best law that Moses proclaimedMalcolm H. Stern (Author)2
To thee we give ourselves todayMalcolm H. Stern (Author)1
Tohraw tseevaw lawnoo Mohsheh (Torah God commanded Moses)Malcolm H. Stern (Translator)2
Torah, tell us now!Malcolm H. Stern (Author)2
V'ahl koolawm (O, let our pray'rs) (וְעַל כֻּלָּם)Malcolm H. Stern (English text)2
What can we say to bring her joy (Aym hahbawneem s'mayḥaw) (אֵם הַבָּנִים שְׂמֵחָה)Malcolm H. Stern (English by)2
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