William C. Stokes

Short Name: William C. Stokes
Full Name: Stokes, William C.
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Texts by William C. Stokes (10)sort descendingAsInstances
Alone with Jesus, O how sweet, To layWilliam C. Stokes (Author)4
I've heard, gladly heard of a beautiful riverWilliam C. Stokes (Author)2
I've heard my Savior callingWilliam C. Stokes (Author)1
My heart was closed to JesusWm. C. Stokes (Author)3
My Savior, 'tis of theeWm. C. Stokes (Author)2
Nearer, my Savior, nearer to theeWilliam C. Stokes (Author)2
Shut in with Jesus from the strifeWilliam C. Stokes (Author)2
The way is long and dark, my FatherWilliam C. Stokes (Author)2
Though the storms of life are ragingWm. C. Stokes (Author)3
Would you have the Savior's presence as you goWilliam C. Stokes (Author)6
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