Jan Struther

Jan Struther
Short Name: Jan Struther
Full Name: Struther, Jan, 1901-1953
Birth Year: 1901
Death Year: 1953

Jan Struther, given name: Joyce Torrens-Graham [sic Joyce Anstruther] (b. Westminster, London, England, 1901; d. New York, NY, 1953) wrote many poems and essays under the pen name of Jan Struther (derived from her mother's maiden name, Eva Anstruther). In addition to her pen name, Struther also had the married names of Mrs. Anthony Maxtone Graham and, from a second marriage, Mrs. Adolf Kurt Placzek. During World War II she moved with her children to New York City and remained there until her death. In England she is best known for her novel Mrs. Miniver (1940), which consists of sketches of British family life before World War II. Immensely popular, the book was later made into a movie. Struther also wrote comic and serious poetry, essays, and short stories, published in Betsinda Dances and Other Poems (1931), Try Anything Twice (1938), The Glass Blower (1941), and, posthumously, The Children's Bells (1957). Songs of Praise (1931) included twelve of her hymn texts.

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Jan Struther was the pen name of Joyce Anstruther, later Joyce Maxtone Graham and finally Joyce Placzek (June 6, 1901 – July 20, 1953), an English writer remembered for her character Mrs. Miniver and a number of hymns, such as "Lord of All Hopefulness".

Texts by Jan Struther (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Daisies are our silverJan Struther (Author)3
High over the lonely hillsJan Struther (Author)English8
Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joyJan Struther, 1901-1953 (Author)English69
Sing, all ye Christian peopleJan Struther (Author)2
We thank you, Lord of heavenJan Struther (Author)English7
When a knight won his spurs in the stories of oldJan Struther (Joyce Placzek), 1901-1953 (Author)English4
When Mary brought her treasureJan Struther (1901-1953) (Author)4
When Stephen, full of power and graceJan Struther (Author)English10

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