Arthur Sullivan

Arthur Sullivan
Short Name: Arthur Sullivan
Full Name: Sullivan, Arthur, 1842-1900
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year: 1900 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[All this night bright angels sing] (Sullivan)Arthur Seymour Sullvivan, 1842-1900 (Composer)5
ANGEL VOICES (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)59
ASCENSIONArthur Seymour Sullivan (Composer)2
AUDITE AUDIENTES ME (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)11
BETHLEHEM (Fink)Arthur Sullivan (Arranger)4
BISHOPGARTHArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)39
BOHEMIA (German)Arthur Sulliavn (Composer)1
[Brightly gleams our banner] (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)3
[By all whom Thou hast made]Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)2
[By cool Siloam's shady rill]Arthur Sullivan (Composer)1
CARROWArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)4
ST. GERTRUDEArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)308
CLARENCEArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)6
CLYDE (Sullivan)Arthur Seymour Sullivan, 1842-1900 (Composer)2
COENA DOMINIArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)21
CONSTANCE (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)41
DIVINUM MYSTERIUMA. S. Sullivan (Arranger)1
COURAGE, BROTHER!Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)18
DULCE SONANSSir Arthur Sullivan (1842- ) (Composer)2
ELLERSSir Arthur Sullivan (Harmonizer)7
EVELYN (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)10
EVER FAITHFULArthur Seymour Sullivan, 1842-1900 (Composer)6
FALFIELDArthur Sullivan (Composer)17
FORTUNATUS (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)24
GABRIELSir Arthur Sullivan (Arranger)2
GOLDEN SHEAVESArthur Sullivan (Composer)20
[Hail, glorious day so long foretold]A. S. Sullivan (Composer)2
HE SHALL FEED HIS FLOCKA. S. Sullivan (Arranger)2
HANFORD (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)53
HOMELAND (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)37
[How long wilt thou forget me] (Sullivan)A. S. Sullivan (Composer)2
IN MEMORIAM (SULLIVAN)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)5
LACRYMAEArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)16
SEPTEM VOCESArthur S. Sullivan, 1842-1900 (Harmonizer)16
LEOMINSTER (Martin)Arthur S. Sullivan (Arranged)52
VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS (Webbe)A. S. Sullivan (Arranger)1
LIVORNOSir Arthur Sullivan (Composer)10
LUX EOIArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)59
LUX MUNDI (Sullivan)Arthur Sullivan (Composer)8
MARLBOROUGHSir Arthur Sullivan, 1842 - 1900 (Arranger)3
MARY MAGDALENE (Sullivan)Arthur Seymour Sullivan (Composer)2
[More love to Thee, O Christ!]Sir Arthur Sullivan (Composer)2
MOUNT ZION (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)9
NEARER HOME (Woodbury)Arthur Sullivan (Harmonizer)18
NOEL (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Adapter)74
[O Gentle Savior, from Thy throne on high]Arthur Sullivan (Composer)6
ST. ANNESir Arthur S. Sullivan, Mus. Doc. (Composer)1
[O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die] (Sullivan)Sullivan (Composer)2
[Onward, Christian soldiers] (Excell)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer (chorus))2
PENTECOST (Sullivan)Sir Arthur Sullivan (1842— ) (Composer)3
PILGRIMAGE (Sullivan)Sir Arthur Sullivan (1842— ) (Composer)4
[Praise the Lord for all His loving kindness]Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)2
PROPIOR DEOArthur Sullivan (Composer)14
RESURREXIT (Sullivan)Sir A. Sullivan (Composer)10
REVELATION (Handel)Arthur Seymour Sullivan (Harmonizer)3
SAFE HOME (Sullivan)Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, (1842- ) (Composer)13
SAINTS OF GOD (Sullivan)Arthur Sullivan (Composer)4
SAMUEL (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)55
[Savior, teach me, day by day]Arthur Sullivan (Composer)1
[Seated one day at the organ]Arthur Seymour Sullivan (Composer)2
ST. EDMUND (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)71
ST. FRANCIS (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)6
ST. KEVIN (Sullivan)Arthur S. Sullivan (Composer)81
ST. MILLICENTArthur Sullivan (Composer)3
ST. NATHANIELArthur S. Sullivan, 1842-1900 (Composer)2
ST. PATRICK (Sullivan)Arthur Sullivan (Composer)7
ST. THERESAArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)37
SULLIVANSArthur Sullivan (Composer)4
SUSIMAMEA. S. Sullivan (Arranger)2
TERRA BEATAArthur S. Sullivan (Harmonizer)1
ULTOR OMNIPOTENSA. S. Sullivan (Composer)4
VALETEArthur S. Sullivan (Composer)6
WELCOME, HAPPY MORNING (Sullivan)Arthur Seymour Sullivan, 1842 - 1900 (Composer)2
SHEPHERDS (Sullivan)Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, Mus. Doc. (Composer)3
WINKWORTH (Sullivan)A. S. Sullivan (Composer)4

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