Paul A. Tate

Short Name: Paul A. Tate
Full Name: Tate, Paul A. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Paul A. Tate (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come before the tablePaul A. Tate (Author)English2
Come to us, O Son of GodPaul A. Tate (Author)English4
Don't be afraid, For I am with youPaul A. Tate, b. 1968 (Author)2
God did not send the Son into the worldPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
Jesus, hope for allPaul A. Tate (Author)English4
Jesus tells his disciplesPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
Let us bow down and worship the LordPaul A. Tate (Author)2
Many faces, the young and the oldPaul A. Tate, b. 1968 (Author)English4
Misericordia, Dios mío, por tu bondad (O God, have mercy on me in your goodness)Paul A. Tate (Adapter (vss 2, 4))Spanish5
My soul is thirsting for God, The God of my lifePaul A. Tate (Author (verses))English2
Repent, the kingdom is at handPaul A. Tate, b. 1968 (Author)English, Spanish6
Share your bread with the hungryPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
Son of God and Virgin MotherPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
To a world awaiting the break of dayPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
We do not live on bread alone (Tate)Paul A. Tate (Author (verses))English2
We long to be there and sing out our joyPaul A. Tate (Author)English2
We long to play our harpsPaul A. Tate, b. 1968 (Author)English3
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