Cyril Taylor

Cyril Taylor
Short Name: Cyril Taylor
Full Name: Taylor, Cyril, 1907-1991
Birth Year: 1907
Death Year: 1991

Cyril Vincent Taylor (1907-1991) was born in Wigan, Lancaster, England, the son of a Church of England priest. A student at Christ Church, Oxford, he was ordained in the Church of England and precentor of Bristol Cathedral and later Salisbury Cathedral. During World War II, he was BBC's producer of Religious Broadcasting and, while stationed in Abbot's Leigh, he composed his famous hymn tune of the same name. ABBOT'S LEIGH is generally regarded as the "Rule Britannia" of hymn tunes. In 1953, when the Royal School of Church Music moved from Canterbury to Addington Place, he became its first Warden. For many years he served as a proprietor of Hymns Ancient & Modern, playing a major editorial role in compiling two supplements and The New Standard Edition. All of his hymn tunes are represented by Hope Publishing Co. in the United States and Canada and he has six tune credits in Hope's new hymnal Worship & Rejoice (2001).