Curtis Taylor

Short Name: Curtis Taylor
Full Name: Taylor, Curtis does not have biographical information about this person.

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A happy time is sure to comeCurtis Taylor (Author)2
Again we gladly meet at the Redeemer's feetC. T. (Author)2
All our trials will be endedCurtis Taylor (Author)2
As along you go through this gloomy life belowCurtis Taylor (Author)2
As in days of long agoCurtis Taylor (Author)2
Blessed Pilot of my soulCurtis Taylor (Author)2
Daily we are sowing in the world wide harvestCurtis Taylor (Author)4
Heart and life to the Lord I have givenCurtis Taylor (Author)2
I am filled with peace and gladnessCurtis Taylor (Author)2
I am going home when this life is endedCurtis Taylor (Author)3
I am happy every day, and go singingCurtis Taylor (Author)2
I can see the home-lights gleaming in the city bright and fairC. T. (Author)2
I have known a life of sorrowC. T. (Arranger)1
If the clouds hang over youCurtis Taylor (Author)2
In a vision or a dream Old Ezekiel saw a streamC. T. (Author)2
Just over the river a mansion awaitsCurtis Taylor (Author)2
No shadows yonder, all is so brightCurtis Taylor (Author)9
O I feel so glad todayCurtis Taylor (Arranger)2
O what a song of praise ever my voice will raiseC. T. (Author)2
On a cloud I'll ride to glory, in the morning, by and byC. T. (Author)1
Peace and gladness filled my soulCurtis Taylor (Author)4
Soon the Lord is coming in a cloudCurtis Taylor (Author)3
Sowing for the King we loveCurtis Taylor (Author)2
The hordes of Satan can never harm my soulCurtis Taylor (Author)4
The sons of Adam in the days of oldC. T. (Author)2
There is a happy land of promiseCurtis Taylor (Author)3
There is a song in my heart todayC. T. (Arranger)1
'Tis a wondrous salvation that's keeping meCurtis Taylor (Author)2
To the Savior's promise clingingCurtis Taylor (Author)4
We are marching home to glory in the stepsCurtis Taylor (Author)2
We are traveling to our home aboveCurtis Taylor (Author)2
We shall never have a thought of strayingC. T. (Author)2
When the Hebrew children wereC. T. (Arranger)1
Why bear the heavy load, you're bearingC. T. (Author)2
Won't you come and go with me dear brotherC. T. (Author)2
Working for our King we dearly loveCurtis Taylor (Author)2
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