L. Q. C. Taylor

Short Name: L. Q. C. Taylor
Full Name: Taylor, L. Q. C., 1879-1951
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1951

Lucius Quintus Curtis Taylor (also known as Curt Taylor) was born November 20, 1879 on Owl Creek, Towns County, Georgia. He learned shape-note music from his brother Judd and traveled extensively around the United States teaching music and selling gospel song books. He published "Joyous Praises" with D. B. Mills and "Melodies for Jesus" with J. S. Earp.

From Steven Curtis Taylor and Jerry A. Taylor (Taylor Family Histories on http://www.drack.info/ucan3392977/taylortheophilus.htm)

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All the fields are ripe with harvestL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
As life's rugged pathway I journeyL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Facing toward the holy city dailyL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Hear the message, Come todayL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Heaven's television streamingL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
I have learned, as the years are passingL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Jesus died upon the cross (Taylor)L. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Jesus walked upon the sea of GalileeL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Life is but a changeful conquestL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Life's precious morn, how soon 'tis pastL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Melodies for Jesus now sweetly singL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
O the glories of tomorrowL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Oft my heart is sad and lonelyL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)3
Our darling mother has left usL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
The loving call of Jesus is leading sinners homeL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
There is a happy home somewhereL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)3
Though tried in the furnace I may beL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
When in rapture we shall meetL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
When our trials here are overL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
Would you have Jesus dwell in your heartL. Q. C. Taylor (Author)2
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