George Thomas Thalben-Ball

Short Name: George Thomas Thalben-Ball
Full Name: Thalben-Ball, George Thomas, 1896-1987
Birth Year: 1896
Death Year: 1987

London, England; organist

Tunes by George Thomas Thalben-Ball (18)sort descendingAsInstances
ARDENGeorge T. Thalben-Ball (Composer)15
ARTHOGG. Thalben-Ball (1896-1987) (Composer)3
[Behold the Lamb of God] (Thalben-Ball)George T. Thalben-Ball, 1896- (Composer)1
BELMONT (Gardiner)G. Thalben-Ball (Harmonizer)1
[Blessed be thou, Lord God of Israel] (Thalben-Ball)George T. Thalben-Ball, 1896- (Composer)2
DENNIS (Thalben-Ball)G. Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
DRANSFIELDG. Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
EGERTONGeorge Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
[Hallelujah! Praise the LORD from the heavens]George Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
JesmianGeorge Thalben-Ball (1896--1987) (Composer)1
KILGETTYG. T. Thalben-Ball (Arranger)1
LAUDA ANIMA (Goss)G. Thalben-Ball (Harmonizer)1
LAUNDONG. Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
LIEBSTER JESUGeorge Thalben-Ball (Harmonizer)1
LLANHERNEGeorge Thomas Thalben-Ball (Composer)5
STAND UP (Thalben-Ball)G. Thalben-Ball (1896-1987) (Composer)5
VIGIL (Thalben-BallGeorge Thomas Thalben-Ball (Composer)2
WISDOMG. Thalben-Ball (Composer)3
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