Jacob D. Toews

Short Name: Jacob D. Toews
Full Name: Toews, Jacob D., 1903-
Birth Year: 1903
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Texts by Jacob D. Toews (14)sort descendingAsInstances
Come, ye weary ones, tonightJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Far, far beyond the starry skyJacob D. Toews (Author)3
I cleansed my heartJacob D. Toews (Author)2
I would be like Jesus (Toews)Jacob D. Toews (Author)2
In the heavens above wheneverJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Jesus, bless us with thy SpiritJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, King of kingsJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Jesus soon is comingJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Live the life that Jesus teachesJacob D. Toews (Author)2
Loyal and true and faithfulJacob D. Toews (Author)2
No mortal eye hath seen that landJacob D. Toews (Author)2
O Lord divine, we come to prayJacob D. Toews (Author)3
Tune my heart, O Lord, that I mayJacob D. Toews (Author)2
When Jesus on the mountainJacob D. Toews (Author)2
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