Bennie S. Triplett

Short Name: Bennie S. Triplett
Full Name: Triplett, Bennie S., 1929-
Birth Year: 1929

Triplett, Bennie Stevens. (Charlotte, North Carolina, January 5, 1929-- ). Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee). B.A., Tennessee Wesleyan College. Ordained minister. Served as State Overseer for the Churches of God in North and South Dakota, Indiana, and Florida. Numerous gospel recording artists have recorded his songs, including: "How about Your Heart," "Go Down to the Jordan," "Trust in the Lord," and "Jesus Is Precious."

--Bob J. Neil, DNAH Archives

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God moved upon the watersBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Here we often have our celebrations fairBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
How about your heartBennie S. Triplett (Author)5
How will it be, How will it beBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
I know they're singingBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
I was lost and had nothing worthBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
I'll be seeing you in heavenBennie S. Triplett (Author)1
I'm gonna sing up yonder in the heavenly landBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
In the land above the skies are blueBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
I've a home up yonderBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Jesus, Lover of my soul, Greatest story ever toldBennie S. Triplett (Author)6
Jesus said, I call ye not servantsBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Jesus said, I go away to prepare a place for youBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Jesus walks along beside meBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Life is filled with troubleBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
O my brother, O my sisterBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
O Savior, blessed Savior, I come unto thee Bennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Oft we have so many trialsBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
People look for everything but the LordBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Picture heaven up beyond the cloudsBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Read in Revelation, 'bout the tribulationBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Since I found Jesus, my load is lighterBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Some beautiful day and it won't be longBennie S. Triplett (Author)3
Some people live for fameBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Sometimes I get so lonely, SometimesBennie S. Triplett (Author)5
Sometimes the way gets wearyBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
There is coming very soonBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
There's a river flowingBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
There's one way to travel, it's the narrow roadBennie S. Triplett (Author)4
This world with all its troubleBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Way down in Egypt land was a nationBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
Well, I get tired and weary on the wayBennie S. Triplett (Author)5
When alone and filled with fearBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
When my load is hard to bearBennie S. Triplett (Author)5
Won't you please remember meBennie S. Triplett (Author)2
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