Nancy Byrd Turner

Short Name: Nancy Byrd Turner
Full Name: Turner, Nancy Byrd, 1880-1971
Birth Year: 1880
Death Year: 1971

Turner, Nancy Byrd. Born in Boydton, Virginia, July 29, 1880, daughter of Byrd Thornton Turner and Nancy Addison (Harrison) Turner. Composed her first verse at three. First published verse at age of 8--a romantic ballad, "Ruth in the Dentist's Chair" (he fell in love). Her father was an Episcopal minister; they lived in about a dozen small towns or rural communities during her childhood. In 1916, she went to Boston and joined the staff of Youth's Companion. She wrote under many pen names, and published in several magazines. She won numerous awards, including the "Golden Rose" of the New England Poetry Society and the Lyric Associates award of 1951.

--Letter from Turner Rose to Jean Woodward Steele, Westminster Press, 1 February 1974, DNAH Archives.

Texts by Nancy Byrd Turner (59)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Above the world the winter starsNancy Byrd Turner (Author)4
All the world is God's worldNancy Byrd Turner (Author)4
Always earth is very fairNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Baby Jesus, fast asleepNancy Byrd Turner (Author)5
Children who walk in Jesus' wayNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Comes the wondrous hourNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Day has come and birds are singingNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English3
Deep under plain and mountain lieNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Every Christian night there comesNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Every year at Easter timeNancy Byrd Turner (Author)4
Faithful and steady, waitingNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Father, we bring Thee our praisesNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English2
For this good year of oursNancy Byrd Turner, 1880- (Author)English3
Friends of Jesus must be kindNancy Byrd Turner (Author)5
Glad autumn time has comeNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Glad in the house of GodNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
God is Father to you and to meNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
God is my helper, this I knowNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English5
God made us a beautiful worldNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
God's children live in many landsNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
God's children speak in different tonguesNancy Byrd Turner (Author)1
He is ready to aid, when we prayNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
I will be faithfulNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
I will be true the livelongNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
It is very good to beNancy Byrd Turner, 1880- (Author)English2
It's your flag and my flagNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Just before I sleep tonightNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Learn well one lovely ruleNancy Byrd Turner (Author)4
Let us be loyalNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Men go out from the placesNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Moved by the Gospel, let us moveNancy Byrd Turner, 1880-19817 (Author (alt. text))English1
Nobody is too young, nobody is too smallNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Now in chilly placesNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
Now it's happy autumn timeNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
O Son of Man, who walked each dayNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English11
Once there was a garden fairNancy Turner (Author)4
Once there was a little town upon a quiet hillNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
Our heavenly Father's watchful loveNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
Shall we not sendNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
Some of us live in the fair, cold northNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
Speak to thy child, O GodNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English4
Stars were gleaming, shepherds dreamingNancy Byrd Turner (Author)9
Thank God for lovely summertimeNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
The church of God is everywhereNancy Byrd Turner (Author)5
The little King of the world came downNancy Byrd Turner (Author)English3
The Lord is great, and great his endless gloryNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
The Word of God must goNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
The Word of God shall guideNancy Byrd Turner (Author)7
There were three lights that nightNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
'Twas in an old gardenNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
'Twas long ago and far awayNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
We will be friends with allNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
We're children of one FatherNancy Byrd Turner (Author)5
When Jesus walked in old JudeaNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
When Jesus was a little ladNancy Byrd Turner (Author)4
When light is in the morning skyNancy Byrd Turner (Author)3
When morning light is on the hillNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
When skies are blue and windNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
When the week has endedNancy Byrd Turner (Author)2
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