Jaroslav J. Vajda

Jaroslav J. Vajda
Short Name: Jaroslav J. Vajda
Full Name: Vajda, Jaroslav J., 1919-2008
Birth Year: 1919
Death Year: 2008

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Jaroslav Vajda (April 28, 1919 – May 10, 2008) was an American hymnist. Vajda was born to a Lutheran pastor of Slovak descent. His father, Rev. John Vajda, was a pastor in East Chicago, Indiana at Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church. This is where Jaroslav had his beginning learning from his father and his mother, Maria. Jaroslav had two brothers, Ludovit and Edward, both pastors, now deceased.

Texts by Jaroslav J. Vajda (50)sort descendingAsInstances
A woman and a coin — the coin is lost!Jaroslav J. Vajda (Author)4
[All Bless the God of Israel]Jaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
Amid the world's bleak wildernessJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)4
Around the World the Shout ResoundsJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)3
Before the marvel of this nightJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)5
Before Your awesome majestyJ. J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)2
Blessed children, saints, elect of GodJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)2
[Blessed Jesus, Living Bread]Jaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
Christ, the model of the meekJaroslav Vajda (Translator)2
Come at the summit of this day and hourJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)2
Come, Lord Jesus, to this placeJaroslav Vajda (Author)2
Come, rejoicing, praises voicingJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)2
Dear Father GodJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
Dios de las avesJaroslav Jan Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)4
Ever since the Savior came nothing is the sameJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)3
Faithful Christians, one and allJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)2
Gather your children, dear Savior, in peaceJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)1
Giver of every perfect giftJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)2
Go, my children, with my blessingJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)18
God, my Lord, my strength, my place of hidingJ. J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Translator)6
God of the sparrowJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)17
Greet now the swiftly changing yearJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)17
Holy Spirit, gift bestowerJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)1
Holy Spirit, hear us, On this sacred dayJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Alterer)1
How Lovely and How PleasantJaroslav Vajda 1919- (Translator)4
How shall we thank you, Christ, our LordJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)2
If thou but suffer God to guide theeJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919- (Translator (vs. 2))4
In hopelessness and near despairJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)2
Jesus, take us to the mountainJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)4
Let Our Gladness Banish SadnessJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)4
Lord, as you taught us once to prayJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)3
Make songs of joy to Christ, our headJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)4
Now the silence, now the peaceJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)23
O God, Father in heaven, have mercy upon usJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Translator)5
Peace came to earth at last that chosen nightJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)7
Rock-a-bye, my dear little boyJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)2
[See Mary Setting Out at Dawn]Jaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
See this wonder in the makingJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)7
Simon, Simon, do you love me?Jaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
Thank the Lord, for he is good (Vajda)Jaroslav J. Vajda, 1919- (Author)2
Then the glory then the restJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)3
This child of ours, this miracleJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)3
This glorious Easter festivalJaroslav J. Vajda (Translator)2
This is a time for banners and bellsJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)2
This touch of loveJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)3
Up through endless ranks of angelsJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)8
When You woke that Thursday morningJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)3
Where is that Way we near despaired of findingJaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 (Author)2
Where shepherds lately knelt and kept the angel's wordJaroslav J. Vajda (Author)7
Who Could Have Dreamt a Land like ThisJaroslav J. Vajda, 1919-2008 (Author)2

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