Amos R. Wells

Short Name: Amos R. Wells
Full Name: Wells, Amos R. (Amos Russel), 1862-1933
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1933 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Amos R. Wells (43)sort iconAsInstances
A hush is in the evening skyAmos R. Wells (Author)2
A sound our God we often hearAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Alas the miser seized meAmos R. Wells (Author)2
And O, for the time when allAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Are you watching for the Bridegroom?Amos R. Wells (Author)2
Are your sorrows hard to bearAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Around the world the chorus ringsAmos R. Wells (Author)5
Attractive pleasures seize the mindAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Blest is the man whom GodAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Come, all ye heavy laden soulsAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Enthroned on clouds our God shall comeAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Eternal goodness once from heaven came to dwellAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Gladly the servants of the KingAmos R. Wells (Author)3
God help our country to be strongAmos R. Wells (Author)3
Great Shepherd of the sheepAmos R. Wells (Author)1
Happily, happily thus you decideAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Have pity ye dwellers in lightAmos R. Wells (Author)2
How have I been deceivedAmos R. Wells (Author)2
How truly blest are they, who on their God relyAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Jesus, the Lord of glory, reignsAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Keiner ist so schwach und kleinAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Lo the day is near approachingAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Lord Jesus, blessed GiverAmos R. Wells (Author)6
May all those doubts and gloomy fearsAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Mourn, mourn Britannia, mournAmos R. Wells (Author)2
None so feeble, none so smallAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Now you before the Lord do standAmos R. Wells (Author)2
O we are the band of Sir MoneyAmos R. Wells (Author)2
O ye who live where Christ the LordAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Our sorrows like a dreadful floodAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Peace is the blessing we've designedAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Plunged in a labyrinth of woeAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Sir money I amAmos R. Wells (Author)2
There is a blessed country, Beyond our mortal sightA. R. Wells (Author)2
They who can view their guilt and sinAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Thou delightest, O Lord, when thy children draw nearAmos R. Wells (Author)5
We are torn from the Rock of the pastAmos R. Wells (Author)2
When first I espoused the blessed causeAmos R. Wells (Author)2
When shall the knowledge of ChristAmos R. Wells (Author)2
When we were plunged deep in sinAmos R. Wells (Author)2
While grief o'er grief successive rollAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Why, what a blunderAmos R. Wells (Author)2
Why, what's to doAmos R. Wells (Author)2
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