Charles William Wendte

Short Name: Charles William Wendte
Full Name: Wendte, Charles William, 1844-1931
Birth Year: 1844
Death Year: 1931

Wendte, Rev. Charles William. (Boston, Massachusetts, June 11, 1844--September 9, 1911, San Francisco, California). He graduated from the Harvard Divinity School in 1869 and served Unitarian churches in Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Newport, Rhode Island From 1885 to 1900 he was engaged in denominational work on the Pacific Coast and thereafter was Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the American Unitarian Association, Boston, spending a part of each year in Europe. Long intrested in Sunday Schools he published in 1886 The Carol, for Sunday School and Home; a book of songs for use by children and young people entitled Jubilate Deo in 1900; and another in 1908 entitled Heart and Voice, a Collection of Songs and Services for the Sunday-School and Home. In 1907 he wrote a hymn on "The City of God" beginning "Not given to us from out of the sky," which was included in The New Hymn and Tune Book, 1914, and in Hymns of the Spirit, 1937, (with a slight alteration by the author).

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

Texts by Charles William Wendte (16)sort descendingAsInstances
Be thou faithful until death (Schmolk)C. W. Wendte (Author)2
Fair Christmas Day has come againCharles W. Wendte (Author)3
Gentle Jesus, pure and holyCharles W. Wendte (Author)6
Gloria, Gloria to God on highCharles W. Wendte (Author)2
Happy Christmas, happy Christmas, hear thy musicCharles W. Wendte (Author)4
I sing of thee, my native landCharles W. Wendte (Author)3
Not given to us from out the skiesCharles William Wendte (Author)3
Now slumber the flowers in the gardenC. W. Wendte (Author)1
O Lord, our God, thy mercy led our fathersCharles W. Wendte (Author)2
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, the morning sun awakes the fieldsC. W. Wendte (Author)2
Sleep, dearest baby, my loved one thou artC. W. Wendte (Author)3
Softly now, on angel pinionsC. W. Wendte (Author)2
The forests gave their oak and pineW. Wendte (Author)2
The lovely Spring has come againCharles W. Wendte (Author)3
The morning is breaking, the daylight appearsCharles W. Wendte (Author)3
With loyal hearts and purpose strongCharles W. Wendte (Author)2
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