Orramel Whittlesey

Orramel Whittlesey
Short Name: Orramel Whittlesey
Full Name: Whittlesey, Orramel, 1801-1876
Birth Year: 1801
Death Year: 1876

Orramel Whittlesey, b. 1 Nov 1801 in Salem Con., on the far belonging to his father, John, where he spent his youth under the strict discipline of his father, who was a minister. He studied music and other subjects after his day's work was done. He and his brothers became very proficient in music. They started manufacturing and marketing pianos. After his marriage on 1 Jan 1826 to Charlotte Maconda Morgan, he moved to Buffalo, NY where he lived for three years before moving back to Salem, Conn. Orramel represented Salem in the General Assembly, was Justice of the Peace, and also State Senator. In 1839 he established and opened "Music Vale," the first conservatory of music in New England. Lowell Mason and George F. Root received their technical education here. The school burned in February 1868. A new building was built near the old one but the school did not prosper and was closed. Orramel died 9 Sept. 1876.

Dianne Shapiro, from "Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittlesey family" compiled and published by Charles Barney Whiitelsey, Hartford, Conn. 1898"

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All you who have come here this eveningOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
Come, all ye sons of temperance trueOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
Hail, hail, hail to the causeOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
He stood beside the counterOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
Our good old ship is under wayOrramel Whittlesey (Author)3
See, the temperance car is movingOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
We are all WashingtoniansOrramel Whittlesey (Author)2
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