Mildred A. Wiant

Short Name: Mildred A. Wiant
Full Name: Wiant, Mildred A., 1898-1998
Birth Year: 1898
Death Year (est.): 1998

Mildred Kathryn Artz was born in Lancaster, Ohio, in 1898 and attended Ohio Wesleyan University (B.A. 1920). She married Bliss Wiant (2933) and went to Boston. In 1923 the Wiants moved to Peking, China, where Mildred became associate professor of voice at Yenching University. She was instructor of vocal music at Scarritt College (1942-1946; 1951-1962) and at Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1963-1965). Many of her translations appeared in the National Council of Churches booklet of 1969.

----The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion, 1993


Letter from Mildred Bliss to Mary Louise VanDyke (8 January 1987) outlining activity in the 1960s and 1970s is available in the DNAH Archives.

Texts by Mildred A. Wiant (8)sort descendingAsInstances
Brilliant spring paints beauteous landscapesMildred Wiant (Paraphraser)2
Friends of years with just one heartMildred Wiant (Translator)2
Loud our neighbors' call is heardMildred A. Wiant (Translator)2
Midnight stars make bright the skyMildred A. Wiant (Translator)5
O Christ, the great foundationMildred A Wiant, b. 1898 (Translator)2
Rise to greet the sunMildred A. Wiant (Translator)4
Vast throngs in the stark wildernessMildred A. Wiant (Translator)2
Who's been born without two parents?Mildred A. Wiant (Translator)2
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