Paul Wigmore

Paul Wigmore
Short Name: Paul Wigmore
Full Name: Wigmore, Paul, 1925-
Birth Year: 1925

Born 1925, London. Schools in Harrow, Bushey Heath and Barnstaple (N Devon). Many occupations between the ages of 14 and 42: apprentice mechanical engineer, shop assistant, junior clerk, photo lab trainee, National Service RAF photographer in India, Burma and UK, Kodak medical radiographer and haematology lab technician, then technical author. Publications and PR manager with air/sea lifesaving equipment manufacturer. PRO for the Christian Medical College and Brown Memorial Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab. Freelance writer, graphic designer and photographer in Cambridge. Advertising editor and art director with Kodak UK from 1967 to early retirement in 1985.

Wrote first verse at age ten in Port Isaac, Cornwall, getting as far as:

Clouds race like tattered rags
across Port Isaac Bay,
... and then stopping. During brief acquaintance with Penelope and John Betjeman from August 1982 until John's death in July, 1984, encouraged by the poet to keep writing verse. Two collections of light verse published in 1988 and 1990. First attempt at a hymn text written ('ÄòMay we, O Holy Spirit, bear your fruit'Äô) at the request of Jubilate Hymns Limited in compilation of Hymns for Today's Church.

Something approaching 100 hymn texts now published, plus a couple of cantatas and one opera.

The Jubilate Group

Texts by Paul Wigmore (10)sort descendingAsInstances
Dark is the night, and friends lie sleeping stillPaul Wigmore (b. 1925) (Author)2
I found him cradled in a lamp-lit barnPaul Wigmore, 1925- (Author)1
I'll praise the Lord for ever and everPaul Wigmore (b. 1925) (Author)2
Lord, bless and keep this little childPaul Wigmore (Author)2
May we, O Holy Spirit, bear your fruitPaul Wigmore (born 1925) (Author)2
New light has dawned, the Son of Gd is herePaul Wigmore (Author)3
O Lord, my God you know all my waysPaul Wigmore, b. 1925 (Author)4
Praise God for harvest-timePaul Wigmore (Author)2
There's a man riding in on a donkeyPaul Wigmore (Author)2
We come to this your table, LordPaul Wigmore, b. 1925 (Author)3
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