David G Wilson

Short Name: David G Wilson
Full Name: Wilson, David G., 1940-
Birth Year: 1940

English organist and composer.

Dianne Shapiro

Tunes by David G Wilson (20)sort descendingAsInstances
A PURPLE ROBEDavid Wilson (Composer)8
CALHOUN MELODYDavid Wilson (Arranger)2
[Come into his presence singing] (Anonymous)David Wilson (Arranger)1
FAITHFUL VIGILDavid Wilson (Composer)3
FIRE OF GODDavid Wilson (born 1940) (Composer)3
GLORIOUS COMINGDavid G. Wilson (Arranger)3
HE IS LOVEDavid Wilson (Arranger)2
HOLY APOSTLESDavid Wilson (born 1940) (Composer)2
[I love my Lord because He heard my voice]David G Wilson (Composer)2
IMPACTDavid G. Wilson (Composer)2
IT WAS A MANDavid Wilson (born 1940) (Composer)2
KUM BA YAHDavid G. Wilson, b. 1940 (Arranger)1
LITTLE HEATHDavid Wilson (born 1940) (Composer)3
MARCHING THROUGH GEORGIADavid Wilson (born 1940) (Arranger)4
MICHAEL'S BOATDavid Wilson (Arranger)1
[O when the saints go marching in]D. G. Wilson (Arranger)1
ONSLOW SQUAREDavid G. Wilson, 1940 (Composer)25
SPARKLEDavid G. Wilson (Composer)2
STAND UP (Wilson)David G. Wilson, b. 1940 (Composer)2
WHAT KIND OF MANDavid G. Wilson (Composer)2
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