Richard Woodward

Short Name: Richard Woodward
Full Name: Woodward, Richard, 1743?-1777
Birth Year (est.): 1743
Death Year: 1777

Woodward, Richard, jr; b. 1743?; d. Dublin, 22 Nov. 1777; Anglo-Irish organist and composer

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Tunes by Richard Woodward (13)sort descendingAsInstances
[Chant] (Woodward 56712)Richard Woodward, 1744-1777 (Composer)13
[Chant] (Woodward 32117)Dr. Woodward (Composer)2
[I will extol thee, my God, O king] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Woodward 55513)Richard Woodward, 1744-1777 (Composer)5
[O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[O Lord our Lord, how excellent] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[Praise waiteth for thee, O God] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Woodward 31171)R. Woodward (Composer)2
[Praise ye the Lord] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Woodward 32171)Richard Woodward, 1744-1777 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Woodward 51231)R. Woodward (Composer)2
[The Lord is my light] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3
[The Lord reigneth] (Woodward)R. Woodward, 1744 - 1777 (Composer)3

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