W. Wrangham

Short Name: W. Wrangham
Full Name: Wrangham, W. (William)

Wrangham, W., p. 930. ii., 223. From his New Metrical Version of the Psalms, 1829, the following are in common use in America:— (1) "Eternal God, celestial King," Psalms Ivii; (2) "Praise the Lord, His power confess," Psalms cl.; (3) “To Thee, my righteous King and Lord," Psalms ciii.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by W. Wrangham (31)sort descendingAsInstances
According to Thy word, Let me Thy mercy proveW. Wrangham (Author)9
All ye nations [gentiles], praise the LordWrangham (Author)1
All ye who serve the Lord with fearW. Wrangham (Author)6
Arise, O Lord, lift up thine handW. Wrangham (Author)2
Blest be the Lord, the God of loveW. Wrangham (Author)13
Eternal God, celestial KingW. Wrangham (Author)35
God of my strength, in thee aloneW. Wrangham (Author)6
In thee, O Lord, I place my trust, Preserve my soul from shameW. Wrangham (Author)6
Lord, hear me, when without disguiseW. Wrangham (Author)6
Lord, I have thee my refuge madeW. Wrangham (Author)5
My heart is fixed on Thee, my GodWrangham (Author)22
O all ye lands exalt his fameW. Wrangham (Author)2
O all ye lands, in God rejoiceW. Wrangham (Author)17
O all ye nations, praise the Lord, His glorious acts proclaimWrangham (Author)8
O all ye people, clap your hands, And shout with triumph while you singW. Wrangham (Author)14
O praise the Lord, for He is good, In Him we rest obtainW. Wrangham (Author)14
Praise the Lord, his power confessWrangham (Author)36
Preserve thy faithful servant LordW. Wrangham (Author)6
Search my heart, my actions proveWragham (Author)8
Show me, O God, thy sacred wayW. Wrangham (Author)4
Soon as the morning rays appearW. Wrangham (Author)7
The Lord in Zion ever reignsW. Wrangham (Author)11
The Lord unto my prayer attendWrangham (Author)5
Thee will I bless, O Lord, my GodW. Wrangham (Author)9
Thou shalt, O Lord, descendW. Wrangham (Author)7
To God our voices let us raiseW. Wrangham (Author)13
To God, who dwells on Zion's mountW. Wrangham (Author)7
To thee, great God, I make my prayerWilliam Wrangham (Author)8
To thee, my righteous King and LordWrangham (Author)20
When trouble fills my soul with griefW. Wrangham (Author)6
Ye mighty rulers of the landWilliam Wrangham (Author)10
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