Mrs. J. C. Yule

Short Name: Mrs. J. C. Yule
Full Name: Yule, J. C., Mrs., 1825-1897
Birth Year: 1825
Death Year: 1897

Pamelia S. Yule (nee Vining), married to James Colton Yule

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Texts by Mrs. J. C. Yule (17)sort descendingAsInstances
Be in earnest, Christian soldierMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
Forth in the dawn-light cool, and sweet, and tenderMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)9
Have I not loved theeMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
I love the mercy seatJ. C. Yule (Author)5
I shall be satisfiedMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
Immanuel, Immanuel, Our God in mortal flesh to dwellMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
In the rock that is higher than IMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)4
Jesus, the only nameMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
List to the lay of the heavenly landMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)3
Love of God, amazing loveMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
Nay, I will not let thee goMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)4
Our field is the worldMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)3
Room for my Savior hereMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)3
Sweet home aboveMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)2
The tranquil hours steal by on drowsy wingsMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)9
Weary soul, by care oppressedMrs. J. C. Yule (Author)12
We've heard of a land of delightJ. C. Yule (Author)3

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