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Rolando S. Tinio

Short Name: Rolando S. Tinio
Full Name: Tinio, Rolando S., 1937-
Birth Year: 1937 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Rolando S. Tinio (35)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Aagamem mumnee ariviththe vannnnam (As it is written, we belong to Jesus)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Aayenum se gaayenum (You are shepherd, comforter)Rolando S. Tinio (Alterer)English, Thamilz2
Ang kalbaryo sagisag ng lumbay (Everywhere sorrow on Calvary's hill)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino2
Bila kau pergi ke tempat yang jauh (When you travel far, far away from home)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Indonesian2
Carry the Cross to Calvary Rolando S. Tinio (Author)English2
Choen thaan thanglai, thangying thangchaai (Come children, men and women all)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thai2
Dahil sa pagpanaw ng mahal sa buhay (Death steals like a thief and takes away those we love)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino2
Di lo achiñ yah yiñ (There was once a time)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Burmese, English2
Grant now your blessing upon this offeringRolando S. Tinio (Author)4
Hangga't ang butil ay hini mahulog at mammatay (Until the grain is buried in the ground and sprinkled with rain)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino2
Hare inna makha (On the night of Christmas)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Kurukh2
Hp'ya shiñ bouñ takou myatne pyih souñ luñ hlah de (Mighty God, power over heaven and earth is yours)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Burmese, English2
Kam pra sird sak sit phra khrit kam pii (Holy are the Bible's may books)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thai2
Kannu niira van thudachidumee (He has ransomed us from captivity)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Maleyaallem2
Ku ma lia i ni ka ve nu tsi il a ka siv (Although barren trees stand hopelessly while no fruits appear)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Paiwan2
Mang yeng sab dan Sang Hyang Yesus (Lord Jesus spoke in parables)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Balinese, English2
Matulog na bunsong mahal (Sleep through the night, beloved child)Rolando S. Tinio (Alterer)English, Pilipino2
Motaoñ yañ kane bouñ ci ashiñ (Gracious Father, love divine)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Burmese, English2
Nang ako'y manganib kay Yahweh dumaing (When my troubles arose I called out to the LORD)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino3
Nyanyikanlah nyanyian baru bagi AllahRolando Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Bahasa, Indonesian2
Ongphra Yeesuu jao (He rules over all)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thai2
Pahemeken no mita ko Tapang (Praise be to God. Let us sing with our hearts)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Amis, English2
Panginoon ng kalangitan at karagatan (O LORD who made all the heavens and all the lands and seas)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino2
Pari suththemee pare vasemee (Jesus, you are joy, holiness and might)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
Pasanin mo ang krus (Bear the weight of the Cross)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Pilipino2
Pulbate naerinŭm danpi chŏrŏm (LORD, as the earth welcomes showers of rain)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Korean2
Sa aking pagtulog (While I am asleep)Roland S. Tinio (Translator)English, Pilipino2
Sa harap ng pagkaing dulot mo sa aminRolando S. Tinio (Translator (English))Tagalog4
Saen suksan wan prachum nii (Day of joy, let us be glad)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thai2
Sene sakinge seneme (Dear friends walk with me, let us go)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Mundhri2
She dances 'mid the city lightsRolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English2
Suka dan duka dalam hidupku (My boat of life sails on an angry sea)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Indonesian2
Tayni ci Yes tay ni i la's no (You have come, Lord Christ, preaching love and grace)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))Amis, English2
T'rima kasih ya Tuhanku (Thank you for the day you give us)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Indonesian2
Vaanem ulegin koorei (You created rain to give us flowers and fruits)Rolando S. Tinio (Paraphraser (English))English, Thamilz2
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