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Jesus, Thou soul of all our joys

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-88 Hymnal: The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes #670 (1933) Meter: 8.8.6 D Topics: The Church Worship in the Sanctuary Languages: English Tune Title: GROSVENOR

Lord, grant us, like the watching five

Author: Thomas Bowman Stephenson, 1839-1912 Hymnal: The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes #786 (1933) Meter: 8.8.6 D Topics: The Church Ministers and Teachers Languages: English Tune Title: LOTHIAN

O God, to whom the faithful dead

Author: Josiah Conder, 1789-1855 Hymnal: The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes #826 (1933) Meter: 8.8.6 D Topics: The Church Militant and Triumphant; Times and Seasons Funerals and Memorial Services Languages: English Tune Title: ST. JUSTIN

Come On, My Partners in Distress

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #971 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1. Come on, my partners in distress, My comrades through the wilderness, Who still your bodies feel; Awhile forget your griefs and fears, And look beyond the vale of tears, To that celestial hill. 2. Beyond the bounds of time and space, Look forward to that happy place, The saints’ secure abode; On faith’s strong eagle pinions rise, And force your passage to the skies, And scale the mount of God. 3. See where the Lamb in glory stands, Encircled with His radiant bands, And join the angelic powers. For all that height of glorious bliss, Our everlasting portion is, And all that Heaven is ours. 4. Who suffer with our Master here, We shall before His face appear And by His side sit down; To patient faith the prize is sure, And all that to the end endure The cross, shall wear the crown. 5. Thrice blessèd, bliss-inspiring hope! It lifts the fainting spirits up, It brings to life the dead; Our conflicts here shall soon be past, And you and I ascend at last, Triumphant with our Head. 6. That great mysterious Deity We soon with open face shall see; The beatific sight Shall fill the heavenly courts with praise, And wide diffuse the golden blaze Of everlasting light. 7. The Father shining on His throne, The glorious co-eternal Son, The Spirit one and seven, Conspire our rapture to complete; And lo! we fall before His feet, And silence heightens Heaven. 8. In hope of that ecstatic pause, Jesus, we now sustain Thy cross, And at Thy footstool fall, ’Till Thou our hidden life reveal, ’Till Thou our ravished spirits fill, And God is all in all. Languages: English Tune Title: HABAKKUK

Come, All Ye Servants of the Lord

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #980 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1. Come, all ye servants of the Lord, Lift up your voice with one accord Jehovah’s name to bless; Ye that are standing night by night Within the house of His delight, His glorious name confess. 2. Yea, in His place of holiness Lift up your hands the Lord to bless; And unto you be given The joys that Zion doth afford, The richest blessing of the Lord Who made the earth and Heaven. Languages: English Tune Title: WYOMING

Fret Not Thyself

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #1562 Meter: 8.8.6 D First Line: Fret not thyself, nor envious be Lyrics: 1. Fret not thyself, nor envious be, When wicked workers thou shalt see, Who prosper in their way; For like the grass they perish soon, And, like the herb cut down at noon, They wither in a day. 2. Trust in the Lord and still do well, Within the land securely dwell, Feed on His faithfulness; Delight thee also in the Lord, And to thy heart He will accord The good it would possess. 3. Yea, to the Lord thy way is known; Confide in Him who on the throne Abides in power divine; Thy righteousness He shall display; Resplendent as the light of day, It shall unclouded shine. 4. Rest in the Lord and be thou still, With patience wait His holy will, Enduring to the end. Fret not though sinners’ gains increase; Forsake thy wrath, from anger cease; It will to evil tend. 5. The evil-doer soon shall die, But those that on the Lord rely Shall all the land obtain. A little while and thou shalt see That wicked man cut off shall be, They shall be sought in vain. 6. Yea, thou shalt soon consider well The place where they were wont to dwell, And it shall not be found; But saints shall all the land possess, And find delight and happiness Where fruits of peace abound. 7. The vile may plot against the just Who in the Lord Jehovah trust, But God will scorn them all; The Lord their coming day shall see, When broken all their power shall be, And ruin on them fall. Languages: English Tune Title: JOSEPHINE

How Happy Is the Pilgrim's Lot

Author: John Wesley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #2442 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1. How happy is the pilgrim’s lot! How free from every anxious thought, From worldly hope and fear! Confined to neither court nor cell, His soul disdains on earth to dwell, He only sojourns here. 2. This happiness in part is mine, Already saved from self design, From every creature love; Blest with the scorn of finite good, My soul is lightened of its load, And seeks the things above. 3. The things eternal I pursue, A happiness beyond the view Of those that basely pant For things by nature felt and seen; Their honors, wealth, and pleasures mean I neither have nor want. 4. I have no sharer of my heart, To rob my Savior of a part, And desecrate the whole; Only betrothed to Christ am I, And wait His coming from the sky, To wed my happy soul. 5. I have no babes to hold me here; But children more securely dear For mine I humbly claim, Better than daughters or than sons, Temples divine of living stones, Inscribed with Jesus’ name. 6. No foot of land do I possess, No cottage in this wilderness, A poor wayfaring man, I lodge awhile in tents below; Or gladly wander to and fro, Till I my Canaan gain. 7. Nothing on earth I call my own; A stranger, to the world unknown, I all their goods despise; I trample on their whole delight, And seek a country out of sight, A country in the skies. 8. There is my house and portion fair, My treasure and my heart are there. And my abiding home; For me my elder brethren stay, And angels beckon me away, And Jesus bids me come. 9. I come, Thy servant, Lord, replies, I come to meet Thee in the skies, And claim my heavenly rest; Now let the pilgrim’s journey end, Now, O my Savior, brother, friend. Receive me to Thy breast! Languages: English Tune Title: HABAKKUK

How Precious, Lord, Thy Sacred Word

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #2596 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1. How precious, Lord, Thy sacred Word, What light and joy those leaves afford To souls in deep distress! Thy precepts guide our doubtful way, Thy fear forbids our feet to stray, Thy promise leads to rest. 2. Thy threat’nings wake our slum’bring eyes, And warn us where our danger lies; But ’tis Thy Gospel, Lord, That makes the guilty conscience clean, Converts the soul, and conquers sin, And gives a free reward. Languages: English Tune Title: HIGHTON

Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyes

Hymnal: Small Church Music #6986 Meter: 8.8.6 D Tune Title: CHAPEL ROYAL

Can I forget bright Eden's grace

Hymnal: Small Church Music #6994 Meter: 8.8.6 D Tune Title: ST JOHN (WELSH)


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