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"Pro" and "Re"

Publication Date: 1917 Publisher: Velotte Publication Place: Brooklyn, N.Y. Editors: Harry F. Asbury; Velotte

10 New Hymns on Aging and the Later Years

Publication Date: 1976 Publisher: The Hymn Society of America; American Association of Retired Persons Publication Place: Springfield, Ohio

16 New Hymns On The Stewardship of the Environment [Ecology]

Publication Date: 1973 Publisher: The Hymn Society of America Publication Place: New York, NY

200 Scripture Songs You love to sing...

Publication Date: 1976 Publisher: Windy Music Company, Division of WINDY DISTRIBUTOR COMPANY, INC. Editors: Lonnie Longmire; Phil Perkins; Greg Nelson
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20th Century Gospel Songs

Publication Date: 1957 Publisher: Zondervan Music Publishers Publication Place: Grand Rapids, Mich. Editors: Donald F. DeVos; Zondervan Music Publishers; John Edmund Haggai

26 Scripture Songs

Publication Date: 1889 Publisher: C. H. Gabriel Publication Place: San Francisco, Calif. Editors: C. H. Gabriel

349 Lieder fuer Schule und Haus in den Vereinigsten Staaten

Publication Date: 1876 Publisher: A. Wiebusch und Sohn Publication Place: St Louis, Mo. Editors: C. F. Doehring; A. Wiebusch und Sohn

400+ Christmas Carols Book

Publication Date: 2014 Publisher: Ironpower Publishing
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50 Favorites

Publication Date: 2013 Publisher: Timeless Truths Publications
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50 Hymns and Tunes

Publication Date: 1876 Publisher: White-Smith Music Publishing Co. Publication Place: Boston Editors: Julius Eichberg


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