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Wond'rous Voice, whic cries with Pow'r

Hymnal: Christian Hymns, Poems, and Spiritual Songs #I.XXXII (1776) Hymnal Title: Christian Hymns, Poems, and Spiritual Songs Lyrics: 1 Wond'rous Voice, which cries with Pow'r, All Flesh as Grass is mean; All its Good is as the flow'r Which faces, and is not seen: Surely all the People's Grass; Nor is their Goodliness esteem'd: All their Work and righteousness Are fading Flowers deem'd. 2 Blows the Spirit of our God, All fleshly Good is lost; Speaks with Pow'r the Saviour's Blood; Man's Glory sinks to Dust: Fails all Flesh before the Lord, And, with'ring, dies at his Command; Nought but God's eternal Word Shall in his Presence stand. 3 Jesus only shall endure, And nothing stand beside; He, that word of God most sure, In whom exists his Bride: Blest in him with perfect Peace, We cease from all our fleshly Good; He came witnessing this Grace, By Water and by Blood. 4 Now is Jesus all in all, My Soul is satisfy'd; All my Guilt, by Adam's Fall, Ceas'd when the Saviour dy'd; With him I arose to Light, And glor'ous Immortality; In him beauteous to the sight Of sacred Deity. 5 O how wond'rous is the Grace! The Lamb accepted stands! In him shines the Father's Face On Souls from ev'ry Land: He our Captain, Prince, and Head, Foundation of this Truth divine; All Jehovah's fav'rite Seed Collected in him shine. Scripture: Isaiah 40:6-8 Languages: English

Wondrous voice, that cries with power

Author: James Relly Hymnal: Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs #386 (1808) Hymnal Title: Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

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