Product Types

Products sold on may be delivered in a variety of ways. The following icons are used throughout the site to help you ascertain how a product will be delivered.

Shippable Product

A shippable product is any tangible product that will be mailed to you when checkout is complete. partners with a number of publishers, providing you with a wide selection of products from which to choose.

Downloadable Product

Some products, such as PDFs, are available for immediate download after purchase.


FlexScores are similar to the sheet music you're used to, but they come with some added configurability. For example, you can transpose the score to be played by a particular instrument, adjust the text size, and more!

Printable Sibelius Scorch Score

Sibelius Scorch allows scores to be viewed and sometimes transposed or played right within your browser. After buying a score, you will be able to print up to the number of copies you purchased.