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Introducing our new ad-free FlexScore Subscription Plan.

FlexScore Demonstration

Consider a yearly subscription that provides access to all of our public domain FlexScores and eliminates all ads on Hymnary.org. For just $39.99 per year you can print out as many customized, transposed instrumental scores, large print, or other formats of our public domain FlexScores as you want. Though this subscription applies only to FlexScores for hymns that are in the public domain, currently 2,123 of our 2,872 published FlexScores qualify for the plan. That's almost 75% of our online FlexScores. Here is the complete list of public domain FlexScores.

If you transpose hymns, need large print formats, or use instrumental accompaniment more than about 3-4 times a year, this could be a great option for you, a real money saver. Note that this is a great option for hymn authors as well. For example, using our FlexScore program, you can easily set a hymn text to any public domain tune for which we have a FlexScore! See https://hymnary.org/custom_flexscore/new/.

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