Følger med til Urtegaarden

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1 Følger med til Urtegaarden,
I, som fristedes og faldt,
Se hvor drabelig for Hjorden
Hyrden stred, da ret det gjaldt!
Se hans Kval og hør hans Bøn,
Lær at bede af Guds Søn!

2 Følger med og ser paa Thinget
Verdens Dommer skjændt og skjældt,
Trindt af Avindsmænd omringet,
Døds-Dom over Snadhed fældt!
Væn dig, Sjæl til Verdens Løn,
Lær at lide af Guds Søn.

3 Følger med til Retterstedet,
Ser hans Kors og ser hans Blik!
Ser hans tørre Læber vædet
Ynkelig med Galderdrik!
Ser ham rolig, mild og skjøn!
Lær at dø af Davids Søn!

4 Følger med til Klippegraven
I den aarle Mørgenstund!
Mørkt der er i Dødning-Haven,
Lysner dog om Engle-Mund:
Krist stod up, som blegnet laa,
Lær ost, Herre, at opstaa!

Source: Salmebog for Lutherske Kristne i Amerika #315

Translator: N. F. S. Grundtvig

Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig was the son of a pastor, and was born at Udby, in Seeland, in 1783. He studied in the University of Copenhagen from 1800-1805; and, like some other eminent men, did not greatly distinguish himself; his mind was too active and his imagination too versatile to bear the restraint of the academic course. After leaving the university he took to teaching; first in Langeland, then (1808) in Copenhagen. Here he devoted his attention to poetry, literature, and Northern antiquities. In 1810 he became assistant to his father in a parish in Jutland. The sermon he preached at his ordination, on the subject "Why has the Lord's word disappeared from His house," attracted much attention, which is rarely the case with "pro… Go to person page >

Author: James Montgomery

James Montgomery (b. Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, 1771; d. Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, 1854), the son of Moravian parents who died on a West Indies mission field while he was in boarding school, Montgomery inherited a strong religious bent, a passion for missions, and an independent mind. He was editor of the Sheffield Iris (1796-1827), a newspaper that sometimes espoused radical causes. Montgomery was imprisoned briefly when he printed a song that celebrated the fall of the Bastille and again when he described a riot in Sheffield that reflected unfavorably on a military commander. He also protested against slavery, the lot of boy chimney sweeps, and lotteries. Associated with Christians of various persuasions, Montgomery supported missio… Go to person page >



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Evangeli harpe #400

Kirkesalmebog #d110

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Kirkesalmebog #315


M. B. Landstads Kirkesalmebog og "Nokre Salmar" ved Professor Dr. E. Blix, samt følgende tillæg #315

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Salmebog for Lutherske Kristne i Amerika #315

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