Fret not thy self because of them

Fret not thy self because of them

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1 Fret not thy self at wicked men,
for their prosperity;
Nor be thou envious at the men
who work iniquity.
2 For like the grass that flourished,
cut quickly down are they;
And like the green and tender herb,
shall wither soon away.

3 Upon JEHOVAH put thy trust,
and be thou doing good:
So shalt thou dwell within the land,
and truth shall be thy food.
4 See that thou set thy hearts' delight
chiefly upon the LORD:
Then the just wishes of thy heart
to thee he will afford.

5 Upon the LORD devolve thy way,
by faith on Him depend;
And He will bring thy good designs
to a most happy end.
6 Yea, like the shining light will he
they righteousness display;
And He thy judgment will bring forth
clear-shining as noon-day.

7 Rest on the LORD, and patiently
wait for Him; fret not thou
At him who prospers in his way
in ill devices now.
8 All wrath relinquish utterly;
cease from rash anger too:
In no wise fret thy self, to move
Thee any ill to do.

9 For, those who evil doers are
shall be cut off and fall;
But those who on JEHOVAH wait
the earth inherit shall.
10 For, yet a little while, and here
the wicked shall not be;
Yea thou shalt look and view his place,
but him thou shalt not see.

11 Whereas the meek and humble shall
the earth as heirs possess;
And thankfully delight themselves
in plenteousness of peace.

[2 Part]

12 The wicked plots against the just;
they gnash their teeth and foam;
13 But them the Lord derides, and sees
their fatal day will come.
14 The wicked forth their sword have drawn
and bent their bow have they;
To cast the poor and needy down,
The upright men to slay.

15 But their own swords into their hearts
shall enter suddenly;
Their bows which they have bent shall all
in pieces broken be.
16 The little that a righteous man
enjoys, is better far,
Than when to many wicked join'd
their stores of riches are.

17 For of ungodly men the arms
shall wholly broken be;
But those who righteous are, the LORD
will hold up carefully.
18 The LORD, the days of upright men
exactly knows; and sure
Their promised inheritance
for ever shall endure.

19 In dangerous and evil times,
from shame they shall be free;
And when the days of famine come,
they satify'd shall be.
20 But wicked men shall perish soon;
and who the LORD provoke,
Shall like the fat of lambs consume,
and vanish into smoke.

[3 Part]

21 The man ungodly borrows much,
and takes no are to pay;
Whereas the just man mercy shews,
and freely gives away.
22 For such as blessed are by Him,
The earth inherit shall:
But those who by Him cursed are,
shall be cut off and fall.

23 The steps of good men by the LORD
are ordered aright;
And in their good and righteous way,
He takes a great delight.
24 Altho' they fall, yet shall they not
be cast down utterly;
Because JEHOVAH with his hand
upholds them carefully.

25 Nor in my youth, nor in my age,
ev'n to my hoary head;
Nor have I seen the just forsook,
nor their seed begging bread.
26 He shews his mercy ev'ry day
and lends to those who need;
And blessing he behind him leaves,
to all his godly seed.

27 Wherefore from evil far depart;
do good; and then besure,
Thou shalt have such a dwelling place
as ever shall endure.
28 Because the LORD doth judgment love,
his saints forsakes not He:
Kept ever are they; but cut off,
the sinner's race shall be.

29 The just inherit shall the land,
And ever therein dwell.
30 The just man's mouth doth wisdom speak;
His tongue right judgment tell.
31 The God's pure law is in his heart;
none of his steps shall stray.
32 The wicked watches for the just,
And seeks for him to slay.

33 But yet JEHOVAH will not leave
the just man in his hands;
Nor will the righteous man condemn,
when He in judgment stands.

[4 Part]

34 Wait on the LORD, and keep his way;
and Thee exalt will He,
Th' earth to inherit, when cut off
the wicked thou shalt see.
35 The wicked man I have beheld
in dreadful pow'r and pride;
Ev'n like a laurel flourishing,
and spreading far and wide.

36 Nevertheless he pass'd away,
and, lo he quite was gone;
I searched for him, but could find
no glimpse of such a one.
37 But mark the perfect, and observe
the man of uprightness;
And thou shalt see, that of this man
the latter end is peace.

36 Whereas those who transgressors are,
together perish shall;
To be cut off shall be the end
of men ungodly all.
39 But the salvation of the just
does from JEHOVAH come;
And he's their strength to whom they look
in times most troublesome.

40 Yea help and free them will the LORD;
he will defend the just
From wicked men, He will them save,
because in Him they trust.

Source: The Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, faithfully translated into English Metre: being the New-England Psalm-Book, revised and improved... (2nd ed.) #PXXXVII

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