Give listening ear unto my law

Give listening ear unto my law

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1 Give list'ning ear unto my law,
Ye people that are mine:
Unto the sayings of my mouth
Do you your ear encline.
2 My mouth I'll ope with parables,
I'll speak of things hid of old:
3 Which we have heard and known, and which
Our fathers have us told.

4 Them from their children we'll not hide
But shew the age to come,
The Lord his praise, his strength and works
Of wonder, he hath done.
5 In Jacob he a witness set,
A law in Israel
He gave, which he our fathers charg'd
They should their children tell.

6 That th' age to come, and children which
Are to be born might know;
That they who should arise the same
Might to their children show
7 That they upon the mighty God
Their confidence might set:
God's works and his commandements
Might keep and not forget,

8 And might not like their fathers be,
A cross, stiff race, a race
That set not right their hearts; nor firm
With God their spirit was.


9 The armed sons of Ephraim,
That went out with their bow,
Did turn their back the day wherein
They did to battle go.
10 God's cov'nant they observed not,
To walk in' law deny'd.
11 His works and wonders they forgot,
That he to them prescrib'd.

12 He many wondrous things did work
Before their father's eyes;
Within the land of Egypt seen,
In Zoan's field likewise.
13 Asunder he the sea did part,
And caus'd them through to pass:
And he the waters made to stand,
That as an heap it was.
14 With cloud by day, with fire by night
15 He led the. Rocks he clave
In wilderness: as from great deeps
Drink unto them he gave

16 Ev'n from out the stony rock
Streams he did bring also,
And caused the water to run down
Like as the rivers do.


17 Moreover they did add yet more
Against him for to sin:
By their provoking the most high
The wilderness within.
18 Moreover they within their heart
By tempting God did try:
By asking earnestly for meat
Their lusts to satisfy.

19 And spake against the mighty God;
Is God able (they said)
Within the desart wilderness
A table us to spread?
20 Lo, he the rock smote, waters thence
Gush'd out, and streams did flow:
Can he for's people flesh provide?
Can he give bread also?

21 The Lord heard, he was wroth for this
So kindled was a fire
'Gainst Jacob, and 'gainst Israel
There came up wrathful ire.
22 For they in God believed not,
Nor in his health did hope.
23 Tho' from above he charg'd the clouds,
And door of heav'n set ope.

24 On them he manna rain'd to eat,
And gave them heaven's wheat.
25 Each man of them eat angel's food;
To th' full he sent them meat.
26 I'th' heav'ns he made the east wind blow
Brought south wind by his pow'r.
27 He flesh on them like dust, wing'd fowls
Like sand of seas did show'r.

28 And in the middest of their camp
He caused it to fall;
Ev'n round about on ev'ry side
Their dwelling places all:
29 So they did eat, they willed were
Abundantly also:
For that which was their own desire
He did on them bestow.


30 They from their lusting appetite
Were not estrang'd at all:
But while their meat was in their mouth,
31 God's wrath did on them fall,
And slew their fat ones, and smote down
The choice of Israel's men.
32 Yea for all this they sinn'd, nor did
Believe his wonders then.

33 Therefore in vanity the days
He of their life did spend;
And he their years brought hastily
Unto a fearful end.
34 When he them slew, then after him
They sought with their desire:
And they return'd and after God
They early did inquire.

35 Likewise that God was their strong rock
They call'd to memory.
And how that their redeemer was
The mighty God most high.
36 Yet with their mouth they flattered,
And to him their tongues ly'd.
37 Nor was their heart right with him, nor
In's cov'nant did abide.

38 But full of mercy he forgave
Their sin, nor them destroy'd,
Nor all his anger rais'd, but oft
He turn'd his wrath aside.
39 For he recalled unto mind,
How that frail flesh they were;
And as it were a passing wind
That doth no more appear.


40 How oft in desart vex'd they him,
And grief put him upon?
41 Yea, they did turn, tempt God,and did
Stint Israel's holy one.
42 His hand they did not keep in mind,
Nor on the day they thought
Wherein he from the enemy
For their deliv'rance wrought.

43 He he his signs miraculous
In Egypt wrought likewise:
And also in the field of Zoan
His fearful prodigies.
44 Also how he their rivers had
Converted into blood;
That they, tho' thirsty, could not drink
The waters of the flood.

45 Among them which did them devour,
He sent forth divers flies:
Yea, to destroy them, he sent forth
The noisome frogs likewise.
46 To caterpillars gave their fruit,
To locusts gave their toil.
47 He did their vines destroy with hail,
With frost their fig-trees spoil.


48 Their cattle he deliver'd up
Unto the hail also:
And he their herds of cattle gave
Hot thunder bolts unto.
49 He cast on them fierce ire and wrath
and indignation strong:
And sore distress by sending forth
Ill angels them among.

50 He made a way unto his wrath,
Their soul he did not save
From death, but unto pestilence
Their sinful lives he gave.
51 He within Egypt land also
The first-born all did smite;
Those who within the tents of Ham
Were chiefest of their might.

52 But like a flock of sheep he made
His people forth to go.
And in the desart like a flock
He guided them also.
53 In safety he them led likewise,
So that they did not fear:
But in the sea their enemies
He overwhelmed there.

54 To border of his holy place
Them happily he brought:
Yea, even to his mountain which
By his right hand be bought.
55 For them he cast the heathen out,
He did their lot divide
By line, and Israel's tribe he made
In their tents to abide.


56 Yet they did tempt and bitterly
Did grieve the God most high;
Also his testimomies they
Kept not attentively.
57 But like their fathers back they turn'd
And faithlessness did show.
They turned were aside ev'n like
To a deceitful bow.

58 For they to anger did provoke
Him with their places high;
And with their graven images
Mov'd him to jealousy.
59 God hearing this was wrath, and loath'd
Isr'el with hatred great.
60 So Shiloh's tent he left, the tent
Which he among men set.

61 And he deliver'd up his strength
Into captivity;
Also into the en'mies hand
His glorious majesty.
62 To sword his people gave, and was
Wroth with his heritage.
63 Their young men are devour'd, their maids
None gave in marriage.

64 Their priests fell by the sword; likewise
Their widows did not weep.
65 Then did the Lord arise as one
Awaken'd out of sleep.
Like as a strong man after wine
66 Doth shout. He also smote
His foes behind; so gave he them
An everlasting blot.


67 Then he did Joseph's tent refuse,
Nor Ephraim's tribe approv'd.
68 But did the tribe of Judah chuse,
Mount Zion which he lov'd.
69 His holy place he builded then
Like palaces on high:
Like to the earth which he confirm'd
To perpetuity.

70 He of his servant David then
Did his election make;
And from the place of folding in
The sheep he did him take.
71 From following the ews with young
He did him then advance
His people Jacob for to feed,
Isra'ls inheritance.

72 So he them fed according to
His heart's integrity;
And by his skilfulness of hand
Them led accordingly.

Source: The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament: faithfully translated into English metre: for the use, edification, and comfort of the saints...especially in New-England (25th ed) #PLXXVIII

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First Line: Give listening ear unto my law
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The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament #PLXXVIII

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