In songs of sublime adoration and praise

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1. In songs of sublime adoration and praise,
Ye pilgrims, for Zion who press,
Break forth and extol the great Ancient of days,
His rich and distinguishing grace.

2. His love from eternity fixed upon you,
Broke forth and uncovered its flame,
When each with the cords of His kindness He drew,
And brought you to love His great Name.

3. O! had He not pitied the state you were in,
Your bosoms His love had ne'er felt:
You all would have lived, would have died too in sin,
And sunk with the load of your guilt.

4. What was there in you that could merit esteem,
Or give the Creator delight?
'Twas "Even so, Father," you ever must sing,
"Because it seemed good in Thy sight."

5. Then give all the glory to His holy Name,
To Him all the glory belongs;
Be yours the high joy still to sound forth His fame,
And crown Him in each of your songs.

Source: The New Christian Hymnal #128

Author (attributed to): R. Keen

Robert Keen (or Keene) was the leader of music and the Carter Lane Baptist Church in London when John Rippon was the pastor. It was during this time that Rippon collected and published his Selections in 1787. He is the likely author of "How Firm a Foundation." Go to person page >

Author: K.

In John Rippon's A Selection of Hymns (1787, plus numerous subsequent editions), "How Firm a Foundation" (no. 128) is attributed simply to "K—". Two other hymns in the collection bear the same mark, "In songs of sublime adoration and praise," and "The Bible is justly esteemed." The author of the hymn has never been definitively identified, but the most common candidates are listed below. I. Robert Keen(e) The most likely possibility is Robert Keene, who served as precentor at Rippon's church. The evidence for connecting K with Keene comes (1) from his close acquaintance with Rippon, (2) Rippon's tune book, and (3) the testimony (of sorts) of Thomas Walker. After Rippon started publishing a tune book, A Selection of Psalm and Hymn T… Go to person page >

Text Information

First Line: In songs of sublime adoration and praise
Author (attributed to): R. Keen
Author: K. (1787)
Source: "K" in Rippon's A Selection of Hymns, 1787
Place of Origin: London, England
Language: English
Publication Date: 1787
Copyright: This text in in the public domain in the United States because it was published before 1923.




The gospel tune by Philip Bliss (PHH 482) was named after the ship on which his friends died; VILLE DU HAVRE (also called IT IS WELL) is best sung in harmony throughout. The refrain may be sung only once–after stanza 4 as a final testimony. Use a moderate organ accompaniment to support confident s…

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