Jesu, name of sweetest thought

Jesu, name of sweetest thought

Translator: Alfred Edersheim; Author: Bernard of Clairvaux
Published in 2 hymnals

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1 Jesu, name of sweetest thought,
Name with every blessing fraught—
But beyond all blessings here,
Is Thy presence, Jesu, dear.

2 O Thou richest song of all,
Sweetest sound that e’er can fall,
Charmèd thought forever nigh—
Jesu, Son of God, on high!

3 Hope of contrite hearts and meek,
Jesu, near to them that seek—
If to those who ask so kind,
Lord, what is it Thee to find!

4 Jesu, joy of hearts, most bright,
Spring of truth and inward light,
Sweetest joy of Heaven above,
Far exceeding human love.

5 Human speech it cannot say,
Pen it cannot e’er portray,
He who loves alone can sing
What it means to Him to cling!

6 Shut thy door, my weary heart,
Seek at night the better part—
Day or night, where’er I be,
Seeks my love Thy face to see.

7 Magdalene, in morning gray,
Goes to see where Jesus lay—
Longs my heart for vision bright,
Longs my heart for better sight.

8 Fills my voice the empty tomb,
Jesus is not in its gloom—
Let me at His feet be cast,
Holds my love the Risen fast.

9 Jesu, wondrous king art Thou!
Victor-laurels deck Thy brow;
Thou art altogether fair,
Bliss in Thee beyond compare.

10 With us stay, Redeemer dear,
On us shed Thy brightness here;
Chase the darkness of the night,
Fill the world with sweetest light!

11 For Thy blessèd presence, Lord,
Gives the knowledge of Thy word;
Fetters of the earth it breaks,
Ardent love within awakes.

12 Love of Jesus, oh, how meet!
Love of Jesus, oh, how sweet!
Thousand times more glorious far,
Than our highest praises are.

13 This Thy bitter passion shows,
And the precious blood that flows—
Gracious pardon now is sealed,
And the Father’s face revealed.

14 Jesus, then, let all adore,
Now let all His grace implore;
Seek in Him to have your part—
Seeking, love shall fill your heart.

15 Thus we feebly own the love
Richly pourèd from above;
Own, in grace, His precious grace,
Haste to see His blessèd face.

16 Jesu, spring of pity high,
Jesu, hope of every joy,
Source of grace and glory bright,
Thou of hearts the true delight!

17 Who may fully sing Thy praise?
Faltering voices here we raise—
Dare we, filled with joyous love,
Mingle songs with saints above?

18 Oh, then, let me taste and see,
Lord, Thy gracious love to me—
Jesus, by Thy presence dear,
Let me feel Thy glory here!

19 Jesu, Thy dilection,
Sweetest heart’s reflection,
Never satiates, ever fills,
Longing meets but never stills.

20 They who eat will hunger more,
Thirst anew who drank before—
Oh, the longing luxury
Of the heart that pants for Thee!

21 Wouldst the joy of Jesus know?
Must thy heart in love o’erflow—
Satisfied in Him, and blest,
Finds the soul eternal rest.

22 Jesus, praise of angels high,
Song of sweetest melody,
Honey from the rock Thou art,
Heavenly nectar in the heart.

23 Thousand times I long for Thee,
Come, O Jesus, come to me;
Gladden, Lord, my heart in grace,
Satisfy me with Thy face!

24 Ever-flowing stream of love,
Ever wafting hearts above—
Love that sweetest fruit will bear,
Fruit of life eternal there.

25 O Thou depth of love untold,
Joy that e’er the heart doth hold,
Sovereign mercy unsurpassed,
Let Thy kindness hold me fast.

26 Yes, to love, it is most blest—
Lord, Thyself my sole request;
Let all vanish then and flee,
Let me live, from hence, in Thee!

27 Thou art my eternal part,
Hope of every praying heart—
Inmost longing of the meek,
Tears of penitence Thee seek!

28 Though I wander far and wide,
Will I seek Thee by my side;
Oh what joy to find Thee near!
Oh what bliss to hold Thee here!

29 Fills the heart delight untold,
Heavenly fellowship I hold;
Could such joys forever last,
All too quickly they are past!

30 What so long I asked, I see
What I sought I have in Thee;
And, while joying in Thy love,
Long the more for Thee above.

31 Love which from Thy loving flows,
Neither change nor end it knows,
Fails not, loses not its glow,
Evermore must brighter grow.

32 Love that fresh desire awakes,
Meeting it most blessèd makes;
Love, delighting, knows aright,
Knowing, tastes of fresh delight.

33 Love which heavenly love imparts,
Love which dwells in inmost hearts,
Love which lightens up the mind,
Pleasure true alone can find.

34 Oh what sweet and holy fire,
Oh what ardent, blest desire,
Oh what rich reflection,
Loving Thee, eternal Son!

35 Blossom of the virgin womb,
Heavenly light in earthly gloom;
Humbled once, to glory raised,
And in songs eternal praised!

36 Come, oh come, most glorious King,
Thou, whose praises angels sing;
Ever longs our soul for Thee,
Help us clearer now to see!

37 Brighter than the sunlight calm,
Fragrant more than sweetest balm;
Better Thou, more precious, dear,
Than our broken pleasures here.

38 Every sense and taste is filled,
Every yearning, Lord, is stilled
Thou alone canst be the part,
Jesu, of each loving heart.

39 Thou, heart’s delectation,
Thou, love’s consummation,
Thou, best consolation,
Jesu, our salvation!

40 Thou hast conquered, glorious,
And returned victorious;
Yet though now enthroned on high,
Ever Thou to us art nigh!

41 Art Thou risen, and reign’st above?
I am bound to Thee in love;
Never art Thou far from me—
Gracious Lord, I follow Thee!

42 Heavenly denizens draw nigh,
Lift the jeweled gates on high,
And to Christ triumphant sing:
Jesus, hail! of glory King!

43 King of glory, King of might,
King of victory most bright;
Blessèd Jesu, full of grace,
Image of the Father’s face—

44 Thou, the Truth, the Life, the Way—
Thou, the Sun of endless day,
Chase our sorrow’s darksome night,
Pouring down Thy glorious light!

45 Praise the Lord, thou heavenly choir,
Answer, thou seraphic lyre,
While a joyous, ransomed earth
Sings the story of her birth.

46 Reign, O Lord! in peace most blest—
Reign in sweet, unbroken rest;
Ah! how longs each weary heart
There to have its joyous part.

47 To the Father gone art Thou,
Entered Heaven’s glory now;
And my heart is gone from me,
Bound, O Christ, in love to Thee!

48 Lord, we follow with our praise—
Vows, and prayers, and hymns we raise;
Grant, O Christ, eternally
There to dwell in light with Thee!

Source: The Cyber Hymnal #10838

Translator: Alfred Edersheim

Edersheim, Alfred, D.D., son of wealthy Jewish parents, was born at Vienna, March 7, 1825. He was the first Jew to take prizes at the University of Vienna. During the time he was a student he embraced Christianity, and subsequently studied theology at the universities of Edinburgh and Berlin. He was for some time a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. In 1875 he was ordained by the Bishop of Winchester. He was Curate of Christchurch, Hants; Vicar of Loders, Dorset; Warburtonian Lecturer at Lincoln's Inn; and Grinfield Lecturer on the Septuagint at the University of Oxford. He died suddenly at Mentone, March 16, 1889. Dr. Edersheim's publications were very numerous, the most important of which are given in Crockford's Clerical Directory… Go to person page >

Author: Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard of Clairvaux, saint, abbot, and doctor, fills one of the most conspicuous positions in the history of the middle ages. His father, Tecelin, or Tesselin, a knight of great bravery, was the friend and vassal of the Duke of Burgundy. Bernard was born at his father's castle on the eminence of Les Fontaines, near Dijon, in Burgundy, in 1091. He was educated at Chatillon, where he was distinguished for his studious and meditative habits. The world, it would be thought, would have had overpowering attractions for a youth who, like Bernard, had all the advantages that high birth, great personal beauty, graceful manners, and irresistible influence could give, but, strengthened in the resolve by night visions of his mother (who had died in 1… Go to person page >

Text Information

First Line: Jesu, name of sweetest thought
Latin Title: Jesu dulcis memoria
Author: Bernard of Clairvaux
Translator: Alfred Edersheim
Language: English
Copyright: Public Domain


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