Rise, Lord, and let thine enemies

Rise, Lord, and let thine enemies

Author: John Barnard
Published in 1 hymnal

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1. Rise, Lord, and let thine enemies,
Abroad dispersed be;
Let them, that impiously thee hate,
Before thy presence flee.
2. As smoke is driven with the wind,
So, Lord, the wicked chase;
As fire melts wax, so let thy foes
Dissolve before thy face.

3. But let the righteous all be glad,
Before the Lord rejoice;
With gladness may their hearts be filled
With shouts of joy their voice.
4. Sing unto God, Oh! sing his praise,
With joy exult his name;
Who by the name Jehovah rides
On heavens extended frame.

5. God, from his holy dwelling place,
Is, as a father, kind
To orphans; and a righteous judge,
In him, the widows find.

6. God, for the lonely, houses builds,
He breaks the captives chain,
And sets them free; but rebels, plagued,
In a dry land remain.

Second Part

7. When God the Lord, from Egypt went
And did our armies head,
Their marches in the wilderness
Through all their wanderings led.
8. The earth did shake, the heavens dropped,
And thus thy presence own;
Sinai itself then shook, for God,
Ee'n Israels God, came down.

9. Thou Lord didst shake the watery clouds,
And send a plenteous rain;
When tired with drought, thou kindly didst
Thine heritage sustain.
10. Thou gavest Canaan to thy flock,
And fixed their dwelling there;
Thou goodness, Lord, didst for the poor,
Abundantly prepare.

11. In all our many victories,
'Twas thou that gav'st the word;
And virgin troops, thus, loud proclaimed
The wonders of the Lord:
12. Great captains, with their numerous hosts,
Struck with a panic, fled;
And she that stayed at home, their spoils
Did part, and on them fed.

13. Though ye were Egypt's sullied slaves,
Yourselves ye now behold,
Shine, as dove's wings, with silver tipped,
And plumes, with yellow gold.
14. When there the Almighty scatter's kings,
Ye shone as Salmon's snow.
15. God's hill, Mount Bashan, far excels;
Which many heads can show.

16. Why do ye leap, ye lofty mounts?
God hath desired this hill
For his abode, inhabit here
Jehovah ever will.
17. The shining chariots of our God,
Myriads of angels are;
With them, as once on Sinai's mount,
Our God is present there.

Third Part

18. Thou hast ascended up on high,
Thy churches glorious head;
Thou hast, captivity itself,
Captive, in triumph, led;
Rich gifts, for men, thou hast received,
E'en rebels have their share;
That God, the Lord, might with them dwell,
And take them in his care.

19. Blessed be the Lord, each day we live,
Who daily doth us load
With his rich bounties from above,
Who's our salvation's God.
20. For he, that is our God, has all
Salvations at command;
And all our near escapes from death,
Flow from Jehovah's hand.

21. But God, with deadly wounds, shall smite
The head of all his foes;
Their chief, who, in his trespasses,
Still on presumptuous, goes.
22. God said, "The conquest I'll repeat
You gained o'er Bashan's king;
You, safely, through the depths of seas,
Whene'er 'tis needful, bring.

23. That you, your Feet, may deeply stain
With the high crimson Flood,
Poured from your slaughtered enemies;
And dogs may lick their blood.

Fourth Part

24. Now, Lord, we've seen what solemn state,
Did thy procession grace;
The progress of my God, and King,
Into his holy place.
25. Sweet singers led the way, then those
On instruments who played;
With damsels, who to timbrels sung,
And pleasing consort made.

26. These, as they marched, in chorus joined,
"Bless ye our God, (they sung,)
In your assemblies praise the Lord,
Ye who from Israel sprung."
27. The chiefs of little Benjamin,
And Judah's lords, combined
With Zebulun, and Napthali,
And the procession joined.

28. Thy God, O Israel, strength commands.
And thee to union brought;
And now, O God, confirm the work
Which thou, for us, hast wrought.

Fifth Part

29. In honor to thy temple, Lord,
In Salem's chosen seat,
May thither kings their presents bring
And worship at thy feet.
30. Rebuke the spear-men, bulls, and calves,
Wild herds of rage, and might;
'Till with rich presents, they submit;
Crush those in war delight.

51. Egypt's, and Cush's princes then
Shall God their offerings bring.
32. Sing unto God, ye distant realms;
To God your praises sing.
33. To him that rideth on the heavens
In ancient times that were,
Lo! thence he sends his awful voice,
A mighty voice we hear.

34. Ascribe ye boundless power to God.
Whose glorious dignity
Is over Israel; and his strength
Shines in the cloudy sky.
35. O God! how terrible art thou
Out of thy holy place!
God, strength and power, his Israel, gives;
To him be all the praise.

A New Version of the Psalms of David, 1752

Author: John Barnard

John Barnard, born in Boston, Nov. 6, 1681; in 1752 made a version of psalms with the music; settled at Marblehead; introduced new music ther; died Jan 14, 1770, aged 89. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876  Go to person page >

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First Line: Rise, Lord, and let thine enemies
Author: John Barnard
Place of Origin: Marblehead, Massachusetts
Language: English
Copyright: Public Domain


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A New Version of the Psalms of David #118

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