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Sing Hallelujah! to the Lord, Give thanks; for good is He

Sing Hallelujah! to the Lord, Give thanks; for good is He

Published in 2 hymnals

Representative Text

give thanks; for good is He,
Because his mercy doth endure
ev'n to eternity,
2 Who can the LORD's great pow'rs declare,
or set forth all his praise?
3 Blessed are they who judgment keep,
and justice do always.

4 LORD mind me with the favour Thou
dost to thy people bear;
And with thy great salvation me
to visit now appear.
5 That I may fee thy nation's good
which Thou hast made thy choice;
And glory with thy heritage,
and in their joy rejoice.

[2 Part]
6 We with our fathers sinned have,
have sinned ev'ry one,
Have trespassed exceedingly,
and wickedly have done.
7 The mighty wonders Thou hast wrought
in the Egyptian land.
Our fathers saw, but did not mind
or duly understand:

Nor did they mind the multitude
of thy benignities;
But at the sea, at the red sea,
they made thy wrath to rise.
8 Nevertheless He saved them
ev'n for his own name's sake;
That thereby He his sov'reign pow'r
most manifest might make.

9 For He the mighty sea rebuk'd,
and made before Him fly;
And through the depths He led them safe,
as through a desart dry.
10 From his high hand who hated them
He timely did them save;
And from the hand of mighty foes
a full redemption gave.

11 The waters overwhelm'd their foes,
not one was left alive;
12 Then they his word believ'd, and praife
to Him in songs did give.

[3 Part]
13 Yet soon did they his mighty works
ungratefully forget;
Nor for his sov'reign counsel would
with due submission wait.
14 But journeying in the wilderness,
they lusted shamefully;
And in the desart would presume
the glorious God to try.

15 And yet the things which they requir'd
He gave them to the full;
But leaness at the same time sent
into their pining soul.
16 They envy'd Moses in the camp,
tho' their great prophet known;
And with him Aaron their high priest,
JEHOVAH's holy one.

17 The earth her mouth then op'ned wide,
and Dathan did devour,
With proud Abiram's company,
and hid with dreadful roar.
18 Among the rest who mutiny'd,
a fire was kindled then,
Whose flame pursu'd and soon consum'd,
those daring impious men.

19 They made a calf of melted gold,
while they at Horeb were;
And stupidly they worshipped
the molten image there.
20 Thus they most foolishly exchang'd
Him that their glory was,
For the base likeness of an ox
that feeding lives on grass.

21 They quite forgot the glorious God,
who had their saviour been;
By whom such mighty things perform'd
they had in Egypt seen:
22 The wondrous works which He had done
in Ham's astonish'd land,
The fearful things at the red sea
wrought by his sov'reign hand.

23 He said then, He would them destroy,
if Moses in that day
Had not stood in the dreadful breach,
and turn'd his wrath away.

[4 Part]
24 Yea they despis'd the pleasant land,
and would not trust his word;
25 But murm'ring in their tents, refus'd
to hearken to the LORD.
26 To make them in the desart fall,
He lifted up his hand;
27 Among the nations to disperse
their race in every land.

28 To Baal-peor they join'd themselves,
made off'rings to the dead;
29 With these devices Him provok'd;
the plague among them spread.
30 But Phineas rose, and judgment wrought,
whereon the plague did cease;
31 Which to all ages is to Him
accounted righteousness.

32 Yea at the streams of Meribah
they there incens'd Him so,
That ev'n with Moses for their sakes
it grievously did go:
33 Their provocations were so great,
his patient spirit stir'd,
That with his lips he spake in haste
an unadvised word.

[5 Part]
34 They did not, at the LORD's command,
the impious nations slay;
35 But with the heathen mix'd themselves,
and learnt their works and way.
36 They serv'd their idols, which to them
a fatal snare became;
37 Their sons and daughters sacrific'd
to devils in the flame.

38 The blood of innocents they shed,
to Canaan's idols vile;
Their children's blood they sacrific'd,
and did the land defile.
39 Then with their detestable works
themselves polluted they;
And with devices of their own
a whoring went astray.

40 JEHOVAH's wrath was kindled then
against his people more;
So that his own inheritance
He greatly did abhor,

41 He gave them to the heathen's pow'r,
into their haters hand:
42 Their foes oppress'd them, and they were
enslav'd to their command.
43 He many a time deliver'd them;
but with their councils so
They Him provok'd, that for their sins
again He brought them low.

44 Yet He regarded their distress,
whene'r He heard their cry;
45 And He his covenant for them
recall'd to memory:
46 Yea, in his mercies multitude
did He repent; and made
Them to be pity'd of all those
who them had captive led.

47 O save us in this darksome day,
O LORD our mighty God;
Thy people gather where dispers'd,
in gentile lands abroad:
That so we to thy holy name
may render thanks always,
And all together joyfully,
may triumph in thy praise.

48 The LORD, the God of Israel;
be bless'd eternally;
And let all people say, AMEN;

Source: The Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, faithfully translated into English Metre: being the New-England Psalm-Book, revised and improved... (2nd ed.) #PCVI

Text Information

First Line: Sing Hallelujah! to the Lord, Give thanks; for good is He
Copyright: Public Domain



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