The Lord is our Shepherd, our Guardian and Guide

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1 The Lord is my shepherd, my guardian, and guide;
Whatsoever I want, he will kindly provide;
To the sheep of his pasture his mercies abound,
His care and protection his flock will surround;
If e'er from his fold they should wander abroad,
His care will recall them, and fix their abode,
Where himself, in the midst, with a provident eye,
Will regard all their wants, and provide a supply.

2 The Lord is my shepherd, what then shall I fear?
What danger can frighten me while he is near?
Not when the time calls me to walk thro' the vale
Of the shadow of death, shall my heart ever fail;
Tho' afraid, of myself, to pursue the dark way,
Thy rod and thy staff be my comfort and stay;
For I know, by thy guidance, when once it is past,
To a fountain of life it will bring me at last.

3 The Lord is become my salvation and song,
His blessings shall follow me all my life long;
Whatsoever condition he places me in,
I am sure 'tis the best it could ever have been;
For the Lord he is good, and his mercies are sure;
He only afflicts us, in order to cure;
The Lord will I praise while I have any breath,
Be content all my life, and resign'd in my death.

Source: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Publick Worship #XXXVII

Author: John Byrom

John Byrom was born in 1691, at Manchester, where his father was a linen-draper. He entered Trinity College, Cambridge, 1708; became a Fellow of the College in 1714; took his M.A. in 1716, and then proceeded to Montpelier, where he studied medicine. He afterwards abandoned medicine, settled in London, and obtained his living by teaching a system of shorthand, which he had projected. He was elected a member of the Royal Society in 1724. He died Sept. 28, 1763. The first edition of Byrom's poems appeared in 1773, in two volumes. A more complete edition was published in 1814. Byrom did not seek publicity as an author, but wrote verses only for recreation. --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872… Go to person page >

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First Line: The Lord is our Shepherd, our Guardian and Guide
Author: John Byrom




ST. MICHAEL'S is an anonymous tune first published by William Gawler (b. Lambeth, London, England, 1750; d. London, 1809) in 1789 in his London collection Hymns and Psalms Used at the Asylum for Female Orphans (1785-1789). Gawler was organist at the Asylum of Refuge for French Orphans in Lambeth, th…

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